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Strategy for Call Centre Development Assignment

Strategy for Call Centre Development - appellative ExampleBased on these considerations, this paper shall outline how a fully functional inflict stub could be implemented including equipment use and usage of technologies alongside costs. This paper is being conceptualized for NUI Galway which is a third take educational institution with 15,000 + students and a staff of about 500 with many different departments.First and foremost, it is measurable to consider the labour pool for the presage centre. This labour pool would trigger the decision on where to aim the call centre up. The decision on where to pluck the labour pool for technical accept should be based on labour availability in the area where Galway is located, the labour competition, the educational take aim of potential agents, and appropriate wages for potential agents (Copito, 2000). It is also important to consider geographical factors, cost of living, quality of schools, transportation and similar factors affec ting the labour pool. After duly considering and establishing particular qualities which the company would need from its technical support agents, potential locations and areas where the labour pool would be recruited can be set forth.Next, Galway also need to conclude whether it would own or lease property for its call centre (Copito, 2000). Leasing or owning property would now be based on the availability of resources within Galways resources. If a property is currently available for it to set-up its call centre, then there would be no need to lease property. The infrastructure involved in the call centre property should, however, be set-up in such a way as to meet the needs of the agents (Copito, 2000). In effect, the area should also house a place where the agents can park, eat, relax, and where they can avail of their flying needs. Parking space is an important accommodation for the property because the most of the employees would be working night shifts and worldly concern transport would likely not be available to them (Copito, 2000). Parking should be on the ground level and should be outside to reduce the cost of accommodating indoor parking areas.

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Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 4

Business Strategy - Essay ExampleThis led to the crave for an ombudsman to provide a non-partisan view on retailer and supplier disputes. A code of conduct is think to be introduced into the contract agreement between retailers and suppliers. Employee compensation must satisfy the requirements of the National Minimum engross Law. Labour laws atomic number 18 stringently implemented.Supermarkets take up 73% of the food retailing industry in UK. Food and drink account for 65% of total retail sales (including non-food items). The economic system of the UK is capitalist in nature. The liberal economic policies foster competition. The stagnating growth and reduced profits of the retailing industry ar facing the spectre of a 5% increase in doing business with effect from April 1, 2009. The decision has been decelerate for the moment. The economy has seen recessionary trends in recent times. This has affected the willingness of customers to spend on discretionary items though the o verstep on food continues. The food retail industry has matured in the country and profit margins are pinched (2-6%) as the fight for market share heats up. Inflation has been high though and retailers bewilder had to skip over prices and offer higher quality to drive sales. The big players in the food retail industry have seen pay hikes at an average of 3.7% while other retailers have limited the outgo to 3%. Retailers are under intense pricing pressure due to customer demand for high quality humble priced goods.The customer demographics have undergone a change. Single and dual member families with smaller purchase requirements have taken the place of the larger families of the past. Increase in the number of working women. The customers are growing older with iodin pensioners forming a large part of the customer population. The customers are not limited to a retail electric outlet and are likely to search for good buying options. They are aware of the price and quality that they contribute

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NURSING RESEARCH LITERATURE ( REPORT) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

NURSING RESEARCH LITERATURE ( REPORT) - Essay modelingThere was increased resiliency i.e. decreased behaviors and substance abuse and different broadly based benefits.5. What points did the reservoir cover in the establishion section of the research report? What limitations to the guinea pig did the former discuss? What conclusions did the author develop as a result of the translate? What new fellowship was generated by this research study?In the discussion section, the authors talk about validation of the method they have used and how they corroborate with other already published methods. The authors state that the findings of this study validated the goals of COA support groups described by Black 2004. The fine features and processes in the current study are consistent with SBSG for adolescent girls as published by Campbell, (2003). The authors discuss how community interventions describes by Stanton, (1996), were also found in the current study namely self-evaluation, ide ntification pattern, and competency to make healthier choices. The authors also discusses how their results are consistent with the results of other published studies like increased knowledge (Borkman, 1999), and increased coping skills and relationships (Wassef, 1998).The authors then lets the readers know the drawbacks of the current study. Some of the drawbacks they discuss are that the researches themselves were the cofacilitaotrs, which would have influenced the results, and that besides females were included in the interview even though males had participated in the study.Finally the authors discuss the importance of the study as to how it can be used as a model for evaluating SBSGs for adolescents with an addicted parent, and to educate educate health professionals and policymakers regarding the value of this intervention.I agree with the authors conclusion. But the study cannot be practised clinically because much of this vulnerable group is unable to attend school by th e very concomitant that their parent is addicted. And even if they were

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International Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

International Economics - Essay ExampleAs a substitute, the United Nations supports the wiz-valued function of special drawing rights (SDRs), a creation of the International M iodintary Fund (IMF) a proposal back up by Russia (Bryanski, 2009). The SDR is the designated multinational reserve asset that is the unit of payment on IMF loans it has an advantage over the US dollar in that its valuation is calibrated against a basked of currencies, rather than on the up-to-dateness of a single country. Preferably, however, the UN recommends the establishment of a new reserve system that is not based on just one or even several currencies, but should instead serve the need for stable international liquidity.In response, several European officials expressed their disagreement, citing the market as the ultimate determinant of which currencies countries would hold in reserve. several(prenominal) have voiced the concern that political or administrative decisions cannot reformulate the worl ds currency system (Vayrynen, in Charbonneau, 2010), and in the entire post-war period the currency exchange system had been based on the U.S. dollar (Sundaram, in Charbonneau, 2010). EU officials fear that any intervention by an administrative body into the kit and caboodle of the market would just create additional problems and would make things even less predictable (Piebalgs, in Charbonneau, 2010). well-nigh simply reject the idea of an artificial currency as the SDR as the reserve currency of the international financial system, stating that it is a non-starter because it is created by political decision making (Al-Jasser, in Kessler, 2009).Based on this scenario, whatsoever sectors have voiced the possibility that the yuan (or renminbi), the currency of China, may in the span of a decennium gain the status of reserve currency and present itself as a suitable alternative to stand in the U.S. dollar. Supporters cite the relative stability of the Yuan during the recent financi al crisis, saying that it is a better carrier of value than the dollar. This

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Theatre Critique It's Only a Play Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Theatre Critique Its Only a Play - Essay ExampleThe comedy sour was a celebration of the art and actors performed with lot of conviction. The correspond was a cascade of jokes and made the audience talented from the beginning to the end, which is a sign of victory. 2.The performer Kate Herell who acted as virginia seems to not have delivered her lines completely at clock so did not come up to the mark. The death penalty of Craig as Ira was head defined and the gestures were undefiled indeed.He came up to the mark and left a remarkable impression on the audience. Emma was a star that performed utterly well and carried the play with ample spirit .She showed her full potential to the audience and was the shooting star of the play. Christopher who enacted barb was looked slightly uncomfortable in his office and required more attentiveness and dedication from his side to adjudge his vitrine look wholesome and rich. Nick Dickert was distinct in his acting and did full justice t o his character as James but his voice was trembling at certain points. 3. The performers who were disliked were Kate Herell, Christopher Lynch and Ryan Flint.Kate Was not impressive as she was not consistent with her dialogues. There was less of life in her voice and could not enter well in to the character of Virginia which she was potrayed.Whereas, Christopher Lynch was not feeling fully the character of dent and some how looked less lively and vibrant. It is very essential for an actor to get in to the shoes of the character to bring about full life in to the play. On the other side Ryan Flint had a less powerful voice which made his character of Frank dull. Dialogues are an essential part of a play, so if it is not balanced with the acting skill can bring in chaos and tenderness to the character as well as the play. 4. The play altogether in all in all was an average performance and did not fail to amaze the audience. But it was unfortunate to notice some actors not suppor ting others and do it a t times poor performance. In some areas Christopher Lynch was not interacting well with Kate Herell and was in a hurry to completer his part of the dialogue. And also Kate seems to rush through some parts screening that she had forgotten certain lines. Noah Mittman, at other times is displaying to be very overpowering, thus making all actors less confident and assertive. It is not good for one actor to stand out in a play because a good play is where all characters blend with each other to produce a smooth and sound theatrical show. Craig Ewing in some of the scenes was attempting to be the one man of the show by giving dialogues loud. DIRECTING 5. The unified idea of the director behind this play is to create a play which is a complete comedy in nature and which will keep the audience laugh all the while they are wathcing.The entire cast of the show was also doing the same by being exceedingly joyous and filled with humor sense. The director made a striki ng visual image with the ward-heeler driver who was compete by Emma as she was costumed distinctly and apart from other actors of the play. Even Julia and Virginia played by Ilasiea Grayand Kate Herell respectively were dressed glamorously and colorfully which was a visual treat. The lighting of the play was striking and hopeful which added to the whole theme of the play. SCENERY 6. The whole background of the play was the room where all the characters were waiting for the check up on of their acting. The room had light colored wall and a

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Participatory Culture of Henry Jenkins Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Participatory Culture of Henry Jenkins - Essay ExampleThe quiz Participatory Culture of Henry Jenkins talks about the idea of Henry Jenkins that literacy in the 21st hundred should be measured as a social or group skill rather than subjective. In short, he has tried to unravel that, whether it is knowledge or education, it should be shared and spread in the cede times with the help of different tools that he describes as aids however, he has also reiterated that incorporating new ideas or methodologies in an effort to make literacy more viable and accessible does not mean that traditional ideas should be refuted in any manner or with a motive, which is virtually irrelevant. Thus, the idea of Jenkins, which says the new media literacies should be seen as social skills, as ways of interacting with a larger community, and not simply an individualized skill to be utilise for personal expression opens new opportunities.The point that is to be appreciated in the concept is that Jenkins has begun explaining his ideas in an extremely lucid manner that pervades the humdrum of all those concepts that are familiar in everyday life. Although he has entered into a sensitive arena such as literacy and education, Jenkins has tried to maintain a strain of sanguineness throughout the paper. His primary intention is to convince his readers that education is a much broader term and its utilization should not be restrained or limited rather, the new means of communication can be used for diminishing the cross-cultural barriers that often detains the true purpose of education.

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Sustainable Engineering Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sustainable Engineering Assignment - Essay ExampleHowever, agree to the table, natural hired gun produces 595 g of CO2 maculation generating 1kWh of energy. It depicts the initial value to be high and without estrus recovery method.b) According to the table hard coal produces about 29 mg of Dinitrogen oxides, 1.5 g methane and 1144 grams of CO2, small-arm generating 1kWh of electric energy. On the other hand, natural gas produces about 12 mg of Dinitrogen oxides, 3.4 g methane and 595 grams of CO2, while generating 1kWh of electrical energy. Hard coal produces much larger amount of emissions as compared to the natural gas. Thus, natural gas is environmentally friendlier as compared to the hard coal.c) If the amount of leakage exceeds with a fraction of 3.7, the emissions of the shale gas to generate 1kWh of electrical energy, equals to the emissions from the hard coal to generate 1kWh of electrical energy. The fraction will increase the methane emission of the shale gas to 551

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Interaction during a Supervisory Episode Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Interaction during a Supervisory Episode - Essay ExampleThe clinical mise en scene is made up of numerous fields, all of which work to the best interest of the patients or clients. The dental reading setting is essentially one of these fields. Newly qualified dentists ( invertebrate foot dentists) atomic number 18 subjected to the supervision of the trainers (supervisors) in order to upraise their knowledge, skills, and practice experience. The interaction between trainers and trainees is designed to mentor and coach the trainees, thus improving their ways of addressing and countering practice-related challenges. In the dental practice setting, extraction of tooth is a normal activity. It is one of the many ways through patients meliorate their dental health. After a close examination by the dentist, the patient is advised accordingly. There are different procedures designed to promote dental health, tooth extraction included. Once a dentist examines the patients tooth, the dent ist advises the patient on what to do. For deteriorated tooth conditions, the patient could be advised to undergo tooth extraction. Both experienced and foundation dentists can perform this procedure. Where a trainer-trainee interaction is in progress, the foundation dentists are expected to undertake the business under the supervision of the trainer. This is done to enhance practice experience and effectiveness of handling dental-related tasks or procedures by the foundation dentist. In my line of supervision, this is exactly what unfolds in the dental practice unit. In most cases, a foundation dentist.

Consumer Buying Behaviour & New Product Development Essay

Consumer Buying Behaviour & New Product Development - Essay ExampleThough it big businessman be argued that the patterns and stages of consumer purchasing are somewhat universal, each individual consumer maintains different preferences in terms of pricing, quality, as well as the level of utility offered by specific products. The utility can best be defined as a measure of satisfaction that a consumer receives from possessing or consuming goods and services (Boyes & Melvin, 2005). As such, consumers tend to make choices that offer them maximum utility. However, in order for marketing entities to deliver the products demanded by consumers, in the pursuit of maximizing utility and satisfying corporate profitability expectations, marketers must consider the methods by which consumers succeed new products.Before a consumer makes the decision to purchase a new product, they must first cut the opportunities or problems with a life situation which needs improvement or correction. This is the first stage in the buying decision process whereby the consumer desires to provide a change or a resolution to an issue. For example, the consumer may recognize a specific problem There is currently not an adequate supply of aliment in their refrigerator or the supply of food is not sufficient to their current tastes. Once the consumer recognizes that a problem or opportunity for change exists, they set out to correct the issue.During the second stage in the decision-making process, the consumer gathers the information necessary to attain a desirable solution to their recognized problem. This can be provided in the form of internal assessments or searching external sources ofinformation. For instance, the consumer may make a mental retread of a previous, positive experience with a particular brand or type of food product.

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International Accounting (Comparison) Research Paper

internationalist Accounting (Comparison) - Research Paper ExampleThe accounting standards form the principles for the planning and presentation of fiscal statements created by the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC). The research paper highlights the major areas of similarities and differences surrounded by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The objective of this research paper is to obtain out those particular differences that are believed to be mostly encountered during practice.The name itself suggests that the contents of the theory will let out certain principles that are needed to be followed in accounting but despite this GAAP acts as a very authoritative facilitator for investors and companies. GAAP is basically a sterilise of procedures and standards that companies follow in raise to present their financial data. Companies follow those standards as these provide them a precise mode of representation of their financial figures which is good for the analysts as it becomes hard for the company to trick them by manipulating their figures. 1IFRS has gained popularity in recent measure and has been well accepted by a huge number of countries in the world. Previously, the multinational companies had to prepare screen out financial statements for each country where they had their areas of operations but IFRS has made the task easier. In IFRS the guidelines and standards are set by International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) that companies and organizations can follow when compiling financial statements. It was previously called the International Accounting Standards (IAS). IFRS provides guidance to prepare financial statements.2In order to enumerate the advantages of any accounting principle, it is important to analyze the components of it at the outset. The main components of GAAP are Inventory costs, Debt, Stockholders equity, short shape

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Aviation Safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Aviation Safety - Essay ExampleSuccess in this drive is defined by the extent to which aviation warranter personnel remain one step forwards of terrorists. When the Shoe Bomber, Richard Reed, was able to board a transatlantic commercial airliner following 9/11, it marked a monumental failure of aviation security. Since then the sight of airline passengers in security markpoints removing their footwear has let commonplace. Obviously, adjusting security to account for methods of terror that have already been attempted is essential. However, the real success of security happens when those threats be predicted and guarded against in advance anyone actually carries them out.Among all such threats that have been contemplated, there is one that stands out as a glaring risk about which shockingly little has been done. That is the potential for checked baggage and onus loaded into the hold of an airplane to be rigged with explosives. To date, no airline or airport routinely screens che cked bags and cargo for explosives. Some small scale pilot projects are in the works to riddle methods of doing this. Nevertheless, it is quite surprising that five years after 9/11, a terrorist could go to an airport and check through a bomb-laden suitcase that very likely would make it aboard a commercial airliner. ... ees fair subcommittee, faulted airlines for not ensuring that a person who checks luggage actually gets on the flight, already the practice in Europe. At the same time, he noted, checked bags are not routinely screened for explosives. The AP went on to quote Senator Kohl stating, On a given day, a group of saboteurs could load up 12 different airplanes across the country with explosives, go home, and we would have a disaster. The airline industry responded that it would be impossible to match luggage to passengers given the bodily structure of the U.S. air travel system and even if it were possible, such an undertaking would not thwart a terrorist who was involu ntary to die by boarding the flight on which his/her checked bags contained a bomb (Associated Press, 2001). Donald Carty, President and chief operating officer of American Airlines, asserted that a bag to passenger matching system would ultimately lead to minify flights and layoffs.Senator Kohl described a two-pronged problem with aviation security. The first, and arguably the key, issue is that checked luggage makes its way on board commercial airliners without being screened for explosives or other potential threats. Secondarily, the failure to ensure that those who check luggage actually board their flight makes it possible for someone to place a bomb aboard a flight with no risk to him/herself. Arguably, if the former problem were adequately addressed, then the latter one would not be nearly as great a concern.Many would consider it shocking that even before 9/11 checked luggage was not screened. The procedure of going through airport security checkpoints, scanning carry-on it ems and going through metal detectors fostered a false sense of security in galore(postnominal) people. Surely, many would think, if such precautions were taken with

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Crim discus unit4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Crim discus unit4 - Essay guinea pigEdwards F.3 d 117 C. A.8 (mo)1998 (McGraw 2011,para 2). The U.S Circuit Appeal Court upholds the conviction and finds that the District Court did not error in finding the accused guilty. I agree with the innocence project comments because the process of the Court of Appeal errors in stating the facts.The court of appeal misstates that the defendants where first prosecutors suspect while the defendants got arrested after eight (8) years. Secondly, the Court admits evidence of preceding(a) theft from the Construction Comp both while there is evidence that nothing got stolen from the site. I agree with the view of J OConnors in the case of Virginia v. Black, 538 U.S 343 (2003) (Find Law, 3012, par. 4) that Virginia fluff- force outing statute, is unconstitutional. The statute provides that, the intention of a person to burn or cross others property should be to intimidate. J OConnor held that some cross burnings area political preparation. I disa gree with the dissent that the Virginia Statute is Constitutional.The First Amendment of the U.S.A constitution prohibits the making of any law that impedes freedom of religion and infringes the freedom of the press. The freedom is not absolute States can ban expression amounting to threats and unlawful expressions such as pornography. The Virginia statute generalizes burning a cross on others property to be evidence of intimidating hence violating the room for political expression. Therefore, for the statute to declare every burning a cross unlawful and by placing the burden to proof on the defendant remains misplaced and

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Social Media And Rational Social Conversations Essay

Social Media And Rational Social Conversations - Essay characterThe rapid spread of such trending hashtags as Gamergate portrays the extent of the damage potential of the various social media. The practice session of social media has therefore made it impossible for people to have cerebral conversations, especially on controversial matters as the discussion below portrays.Unlike the traditional media, social media lack gatekeepers. Gatekeeping is a vital tone of media, which often serves to minimize harms caused by media contents. Televisions, radios and newspapers have professional editors and sub-editors who eliminate any form of errors thus enhancing rational communication of any form of the social issue including those that may elicit emotions (Hoffmeister 77). In case of stretch out discussion on such media, the existence of a moderator ensures that the guests maintain rational conversations on air. Social media, on the other(a) hand, lack moderators. This implies that th ey provide everyone in the entire society with an equal opportunity to share their views on a social issue.Maintaining rational thought on such emotional issues as sexism and racism among other forms of social discrimination is always difficult. The aggrieved persons will always feel the urge to retaliate. The social media provide efficient platforms for such retaliation. The social media, for example, enables people to maintain a degree of anonymity while contributing to such vital social issues (Willard 54). Numerous users of the various social media use pseudonyms. This way, they can easily trade disgraceful words and even threaten others with actual violence without revealing their actual individuality. Lack of actual identity on the social media, for example, enhances the development of irrational conversations on the numerous social media.Key among the functions of the media is agenda setting and information of the public opinion. The success of an opinion relies on the in fluence that the originators of such opinions enjoy. Themainstream media enjoys immense influence on their audiences since they have systematic ways of censuring their conversations.

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Business Formation and Entrepreneurship Coursework

Business Formation and Entrepreneurship - Coursework role modelOnline selling involves buying and selling of all types of products from food to spare parts to machineries and cars with only a a few(prenominal) clicks of the mouse and online money transfer. Many people have either started companies online or shifted their physical company to manoeuvre online as surface. Most people are spending much of their time on the internet and especially the social media and what this has done is expand this type of business immensely (Sheehan, 2010).The easy thing about online marketing is the convenience as well as saving of travelling and accommodation costs. An individual for example pursuit to shop for the latest clothes fashion just logs into various fashion online shops and boutiques compares the prices and the quality as well as the shipping costs and time and makes the purchase. The seller is paid through a credit or debit card and the shipment is made. It is as easier as that and one can carry out minutes no matter the location whether in the office, in the car during traffic jam or even up in the confines of ones home (Leake, Vaccarello and Ginty,

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Anti death penalty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Anti ending penalty - Essay ExampleAn example from the history tells us that in 1975, two African American men in Florida named Freddie Pitts and Wilber Lee were granted commutation afterwards 12 long historic period awaiting death-penalty for the murder of two clean men. Their conviction was as a result of laboured confessions, spurious testament and an adduced bystander. After a long time of nine-years of battle in the courts, a white confessed his guilt and Pitts and Wilber were granted absolution by the governor. Had their death-penalty not been delayed due to the court-battles, they would have naively punish (Bedau, November 10, 1999). The history of death penalty can be traced back to the eighteenth century (B.C) when the laws for it were established. As years passed these penalties were used all over the world to kill the wicked people. After the World War II the United States protected pregnant women, elders and children from these death penalties but did not abolish it completely. Over these years umpteen countries have abolished it but the United States still follows it to a certain extent (Death Penalty Information affectionateness 2011). The proponents of the death-penalty justify it by biblical quotations to use death penalty as the ultimate punishment for murders and like crimes. The bible says that the murders must be vindicated life for life is what the bible says close to murders. But the justifications presented cannot be applied in the modern world because of the ethics that apply these days. The bibles quotation about life for life was for that time when the unjust and violent people were killing innocent and exemplary people. correspond to most of the people, the death-penalty should be abolished from the U.S and that the criminals must be given a chance to change themselves. Death track inmates can spend their time in the law library and inter turn of events with each other and in some manner get the wind of the crime of wha t they have done and accept to change from the bottom of their hearts. The process of death qualification was constitutionally challenged in Lockhart v. McCrea on the basis that it produces unrepresentative and doctrine procumbent juries. The United States despotic Court rejected such challenges by questioning the truthiness of the relevant social science research. But concord to me, the challenges made were completely just and the government should have had taken suitable steps in govern to eradicate this barbaric act from the society (Guernsey 2010) The moral disengagement is also an aspect worth discussing in this regard. According to a study by Osofsky, Bandura and Zimbardo in 2005, they took direct words from the executioner. The executioner said that the cardiogram monitors are in front of him when he carries out the process. His duty is to push the syringe in the veins of the guilty and lower the heart beat of the guilty until it becomes flattened. The harder he pushes, th e more flattened is the graph and once he empties the last injection, the pulse rate reaches zero indicating that the guilty is now dead. He adds further that it is distraught to fool someone die in front of him and leaves a great impact on him even after some days. This research helps to conclude that the executioner has vivid thoughts about the incident too as it is a harsh process to be carried out (Osofsky et al 2005). The opponents believe that death-penalty should be abolished because it is a barbaric act of murder which involves the death of an individual in a

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View of the World Essay Example for Free

View of the World EssayThe fact that much and more mickle have been holding a cynical view of straight offs world can be explained by their deep disillusion with the existing social order, conventions, and values. To some extent, by embracing cynicism those people accent to psychologically protect themselves against injustices and unpleasantness of this world. Contemporary cynics refuse to believe in the noble values promoted by ultramodern society as they have plenty of bitter evidence attesting that those values are usually eject words and beliefs while most people do things only for their own advantage. Instead of concentrating on what todays world should be, cynics accept it as it is now and try to adapt themselves to its realities. Cynics justify their position by the fact that they do not want to be victims of self-deception and disappointment as it often happens, for example, to idealists or optimists. If the latter believe in this worlds good virtues and ideals and have positive expectations from it, cynics know that much(prenominal) expectations often turn into disappointment, dissatisfaction, and sufferings.Todays world is far from being perfect, cynics emphasize, and it is wrong and even pernicious to expect something good from it. What disillusion is for others, it is reality for cynics, and in this philosophy they simply seek self-protection (Bayan). away from moral and psychological protection against todays imperfect world, cynics also see certain master(prenominal) practical advantages resulting from their doctrine. Idealists and optimists expect success from whatever they do while cynics do not exclude adversity and, therefore, work harder in order to reduce the possible negative effects of their failure.This approach motivates them to be more careful and attentive, and calculate everything they do to the last detail. And, unlike idealists and optimists, cynics are prepared to deal with their failure when it occurs, since they an ticipate it from the very beginning. However, it often happens that their anticipation of failure and hard work un anticipately turn out to be success, or at least their failure is far from being as serious as they expected it to be.And for cynics, this is another proof that their doctrine does not only insulate them against todays worlds imperfection, but also occasionally contributes to their success (Nussbaum, 2009).ReferencesBayan, R. Positive Cynicism. Retrieved February 20, 2009 from the World Wide Web http//www. i-cynic. com/positive. asp Nussbaum, N. (2009, February 10). nut Half Empty. The Cornwell Daily Sun on the web. Retrieved February 20, 2009 from the World Wide Web http//cornellsun. com/node/34901

Roman emperor Essay Example for Free

papistical emperor EssayRoman emperor Nero has once said Let them loathe, if they only venerate. These haggling can serve as an outstanding bearing of many totalitarian leaders and regimes. Fear is stimulate by fear and creates fear like a chain reaction. This feature of absolute power has been observe and described by many authors. In his 1984, which is, undoubtedly, the most famous most famous anti-utopia of all times, George Orwell could not have disregarded the topic of fear. It is not fear itself, which get outs the power of the with child(p) crony so strong, scarce fear and terror atomic number 18 organic elements of his influence. It is actually not even fear before the Big crony himself, because Big Brother trusts passion and makes everyone love him even against their will. In case Big Brother and the ruling party were a source of fear themselves, they would never retain their power. People use to hate that what they are afraid of and to be afraid of that, what they fear, so in the 1984 alliance fear and hate are pointed against someone, who is outside the system. Orwell has developed the topic of such outside fear in his earlier story living creature Farm.A pig, named Napoleon, used to say, that all animals should work hard, in case they do not want Jones, a previous master, to come back. And this natural concern of the Animal Farm inhabitants is exploited by the pigs to sustentation control over the rest of the animals. The loyal citizens of Oceania do not fear Big Brother, but in fact love and revere him. They feel he protects them from the evils out there. The purported love and hate walk nearly which is illustrated in the end of the Two Minutes Hate At this moment the entire group of heap broke into a deep, slow, rhythmic chant of B-B. B-B . B-B over and over again, very slowly, with a long rift between the first B and the seconda heavy murmurous sound, somehow curiously savage, in the background of which one seemed to hear the stamps of naked feet and the throbbing of tom-toms. For perhaps as much as thirty seconds they kept it up. It was a refrain that was often heard in moments of overwhelming emotion. Partly it was a illuminate of hymn to the wisdom and majesty of Big Brother, but still more it was an act of self-hypnosis, a tump over drowning of consciousness by means of rhythmic noise.In 1984 such fear is inspired by the unconnected enemies. His Oceania was engaged in constant warfare with Eastasia and/or Eurasia which kept the citizens in a constant realm of mobilization and alert. Although war constantly stickes on, the three powers in which the world is divided are now unconquerable. In the dictatorship of Oceania, the citizens live in fear each day, unsure exactly where the enemy bombers that fly belt will decide to drop their missiles. Julia, even has the impression that it is Oceania itself, not the enemy, dropping bombs on the country.This is how the Inner companionship takes any m eans to strike fear in the hearts of every citizen. Another source of fear are spies, which are said to be living between the loyal citizens, and which are sent by the symbol of all enemies Goldstein to ruin the normal life. Orwell starts to sketching out the features of a totally oppressive society already at the beginning of his novel. He plays on his readers fears of powerlessness and own experiences of oppression. The social surroundings of the novel are depicted on the basis of Orwells experiences of wartime London.He uses the descriptive techniques of literary naturalism to produce images of a society of extreme existent deprivation Winston Smith, his chin nuzzled into his breast in an effort to escape the vile wind, slipped quickly through the glass doors of Victory Mansions, though not quickly enough to prevent a gyrus of gritty dust from entering along with him. The hallway smelt of boiled cabbage and old rag mats. Winston made for the stairs. It was no use trying the li ft. Even at the best of times it was seldom workings and at present the electric current was cut off during daylight hours.The flat was seven flights up, and Winston, who was thirty-nine, and had a varicose ulcer above his right ankle, went slowly, resting several times on the way. However, it is not only material fear, which drive Winston, Julia and others. It is fear of themselves, their own thoughts and opinions. Winstons neighbor is so afraid of thinking wrong, that even when he is simply told, that his thoughts are suspicious, he makes no effort to prove, that he remains loyal to the Big Brother but trusts everything about himself and goes to the Ministry of Love for reintegration without any complaint.The loyal citizens should not fear, but those, who entered the Ministry of Love are check by all means, including fear. The Ministry knows for sure what each single person is afraid of and uses fear as an supreme weapon to make the convicts forget about their errors and love t he Big Brother again. By fear they make Winston betray his love to Julia and turn it into adoration with Big Brother. They do not kill, they wash the brains, and so love wins. Love, which is based on fear.

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The Disaster at New Orleans Essay Example for Free

The Disaster at untested Orleans raiseThe urban center of New Orleans is one of the most culturally diverse urban centers in northernmost America. It was founded in southeastern Louisiana on the banks of the Mississippi River some 180 km away from the disconnectedness of Mexico. It was built in 1718 on the east bank of the river and south of Lake Pontchartrain. The metropolis was named for Philippe II, Duc dOrleans, the regent of France during the eon of Louis XV. It soon became one of the most active commercial port centers of the country. Its diverse culture later on sour it into an international tourist destination (Hass, 2006). Unfortunately, New Orleans was built on a shimmy of write down on the Mississippi Delta that ensures constant sinking of the land. This coup lead with rising seas presents a great danger to the city. Floods and combat surges are the most feared natural disasters that could occur. To continue this, Billions of dollars worth of levees, sea walls, pumping systems and satellite hurricane tracking have been adapt in place to allow for the nurtureion of the residents of New Orleans.However, it seems, the problem of New Orleans became even great(p) with these remedies (McQuaid and Schleifstein, 2002). In 2002, New Orleans Times-Picayune released a fin-part report on what could possibly happen if a major hurricane reached the city. As the world would see in 2005, all the speculations and predictions of this report became painfully true. The situation back therefore up to 2005 grew completely worse. New Orleans was already 3 feet downstairs sea level a century ago. This means the effect of storms is amplified against the city.Furthermore, coastal erosion of barrier islands and destruction of the marshes present a big threat because hurricane winds and swamp could go inland undeterred. The city is surrounded by water and has areas that are below sea level. The levee system built to protect the city made the city a h uge cast ready to receive water that reaches past the levee but unable to drain it somewhere else. The levees likewise prevent the continued growth of the delta through silt build-up coming from up the river. Huge structures built on the strip of land contributed to the sinking of the land (McQuaid and Schleifstein, 2002).Models way back in 2002 of the possible scenarios if a hurricane did hit the city were already grim at best. Most of the city would be underwater and the levee system that was built to protect New Orleans would be its own undoing. These pushed scientists to try to find ways to avert disaster. One proposed solving was to build a flood wall of up to 30 feet high bisecting New Orleans and Jefferson Parish to develop a community haven on the river side of the wall where they could retreat and excessively protect buildings from trespass of floodwaters from the lake.In 2002, government agencies and separate leaders supposedly mobilized themselves to try and addres s the rising risk from hurricane strikes. The federal emergency Management Agency prepared new responses to the flooding of the New Orleans bowl. Some of the findings were that the levees be raised and lost marshes and barrier islands be rebuilt but the efforts would have been worth at least $14 one million million (McQuaid and Schleifstein, 2002). In August of 2005, the feared category 5 hurricane finally came.Hurricane Katrina began as a category 1 hurricane in August 25 when it passed southern Florida. It moved west on August 26 to sequential to Louisiana. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico strengthened it turning it into a category 5 hurricane by too soon Sunday, August 28. The National Hurricane shopping center had predicted the second landfall for August 29. By then, around a million throng had already been evacuated from the restoreed areas of southeast Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin had already arranged mandatory evacuation of the city on August 28.However, 100,000 of the 469,000 citizens of New Orleans did not precede every because they were too poor or were too sure that they would not be affected by the imminent disaster (Drew, 2006). Katrina suddenly weakened to a category 3 storm just before qualification landfall and shifting a bit thus sparing New Orleans from the strongest winds. However, the disaster that had persistent been predicated came yet came to pass. Tidal surges of six to eight m or 20 to 25 ft came in from the disjunction and destroyed the 18-m or 11 mi long earthen levee system that protected St.Bernard Parish. The tide also surged further inland into the Industrial Canal destroying the concrete floodwalls and making large breaches that flooded one of the poorest neighborhoods, set down Ninth Ward, by up to four m or 12 ft of water. The strong winds also pushed water from Lake Pontchartrain back up the drainage canals north of the city. Although the city was spared from the worst do omsday scenario predicted, damage that had long been predicated came to pass (Drew, 2006). As New Orleans found out later, the worst was yet to come. after(prenominal) the storm, only eastern sections of the city were flooded and the most obvious damage was to the glass panels of high rise buildings and rips on the skin of the roof of the Louisiana Superdome which also was employ as the main evacuation center of the city. After the storm, floodwaters from Lake Pontchartrain poured through huge breaches in the walls of the 17th street and London Avenue drainage canals which were supposed to pay out rainwater from the city. These drainage canals, instead, brought more of the water into the dry center of the city (Drew, 2006).The wealthy and materialistic neighborhoods in the northern side of the city were flooded with the waters of Lake Pontchartrain by nightfall of August 29. Emergency communications that were supposed to be used for rescue and relief operations came down and loot ing became far-flung across the city. The Superdome, that lost power during the storm, was surrounded by flood waters, trapping 25,000 evacuees in a dank sweatbox reaching temperatures of up to 100oF or 38oC by morning of August 30.Although the flood waters did not affect the historical French Quarter of the city, by evening of August 30, the citys residential areas were deluge with 200,000 homes damaged 50,000 of which were severely damaged. The scenario developing was grim and terrible but much of it was predicted before the actual event. Corpses were pin down inside flooded homes but some floated out the water-filled streets. Thousands were stranded on the interstate, the only evacuation headway for New Orleans residents, without food or water (Drew, 2006).Perhaps the most frustrating part of the experience was that the decision-makers were apparently unable to handle the situation properly. As in all disasters, when city and state officials go bad outmatched and overwhelmed, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) must step in to address the problems. It was obvious that disdain the early predictions given by scientists, the city did not have evacuation protocol for the 100,000 people who did not have cars and the preparation of the shelter that could hold the people for a day or two.The buses that could have been used for the evacuation should have been staged at the Superdome but were trapped in flooded garages. The police overstretch that was supposed to respond after the storm was trimmed to only 249 instead of 1,600 further delaying the rescue operations (Drew, 2006). The decision-making structure entangled the mayor of New Orleans, the governor of Louisiana and the head of FEMA and its ground commander. As was later seen, the structure was ineffective in delivering aid to the city and only resulted in bickering among the many officials.This led to more damage to life and property and made the situation even worse. The governor took two geezerhood to commandeer buses around the state to evacuate the city. FEMA did not even begin calling in other buses until two days after the storm. One third of the Louisiana National safe-conduct was apparently in Iraq and it was not until September 1 and 2 that help from the Guard troops from other states came. Though FEMA and the Guard provided food and water to trapped evacuees at the Superdome, the 20,000 people inside the New Orleans Convention Center were given very little aid (Drew, 2006).He flooded areas of the city became infested with molds and water became murky from fatty sludge and other chemicals. Months after the storm, only less than 100,000 people returned to New Orleans. Many did not leave the metropolitan areas of much safer cities where they decided to find new jobs and start new lives. All this made Hurricane Katrina the costliest natural disaster in American history and the third deadliest. The cost was estimated at around $125 billion and rebuilding of th e levee systems to handle category 5 storms was estimated at $30 billion and would take up to five years (Drew, 2006).More than the hurricane itself that was inevitable, the decision-making structure was extremely flawed. FEMA was unprepared to handle the situation and differences between the state and city officials aggravated the situation. This obviously had huge effects on the unavowed sector especially in New Orleans were everyone found themselves as victims and evacuees. Damage to the city was unprecedented and extensive and resident population declined drastically. The private sector except tourism was inevitably affected by the disaster.Some of the most important lessons include the fact that the levee system must be reexamined to become more effective in its function of preventing flooding inside the city. Decision-making must become more efficient and coordinated among city, state and federal officials to provide lovesome response to any disaster. It was a disaster made by both natural and man-made causes. It is jussive mood that the man-made part be solved before the next big hurricane hits the city. BibliographyDrew, Christopher. Hurricane Katrina Disaster. Microsoft Encarta 2007 DVD. Redmond, WA Microsoft Corporation, 2006. Haas, Edward. New Orleans. Microsoft Encarta 2007 DVD. Redmond, WA Microsoft Corporation, 2006. Katrina Timeline (n. d. ) Retrieved 7 June 2007 from http//thinkprogress. org/katrina-timeline. McQuaid, J. and M. Schleifstein. (2002). Special Report Washing Away. Retrieved 7 June 2007 from http//www. nola. com/hurricane/indexQS. ssf? /washingaway/index. html.

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The Consumer Decision Process Essay Example for Free

The Consumer decision Process Essay1.Explain the actions and considerations that relate to tail fin stages of the consumer purchase decision fulfill?The action and considerations that related to the five stages of the consumer purchase decision process atomic number 18 (a) Problem Recognition This is frequently distinguished as the runner and most vital advance in the clients choice procedure. A buy cant occur with show up the besidesification of the need. (b) Information search Having perceived an issue or need, the subsequent stage a client may take is the selective information look arrange, keeping in mind the end goal to discover what they shade is the best arrangement. This is the purchasers push to look inside and outside business conditions, to recognize and assess data sources set with the focal purchasing choice. (c) Evaluation of alternatives As you may expect, people will assess diverse items or brands at this phase on the premise of option item properties those which can convey the advantages the client is feeling for. A factor that vigorously impacts this stage is the clients state of mind. (d) Purchase Decision The penultimate stage is the stead the buy happens. The two components negative criticism from different clients and the level of inspiration to acknowledge the input. (e) Post-purchase behavior In brief, clients will contrast items and their past desires and will be either fulfilled or disappointed. In this manner, these stages be basic in holding clients.2.You will be graduating soon and comport been offered what you offered what you consider the job of your dreams. The crude position, however, requires some traveling so you will need a car. You currently do not have one. What decision process will you go through to purchase an automobile?Consumer purchase decision process3.What atomic number 18 the five stages of the organizational acquire process? Describe at least three differences from the consumer buying proces s.(a) Awareness, (b) Specification, (c) Proposals, (d) Evaluation, (e) Order the three differences between organizational buying process and consumer buying process are (a)Planning roughly buys made by a business are arranged ahead of time, where similar buys may be spur of the moment purchases for a buyer. For instance, a business will design a worker lunch, plop the menu ahead of time and have the request set up to be provided food on a specific day. (b) Decision-making As a rule, the buyer leader is the individual that at last purchases the item. For instance, the bewilder of a family may choose to purchase another sandbox for the kids, so she is either the one that goes out to make the buy or is close by with the father to settle on the last decision. (c) make Numerous organizations need help contracts when buying certain sorts of things. For instance, if a business buys a copier thence the copier may need no less than a three-year guarantee on the item in the lead the orga nization can finish the buy.4.Global marketing is affected by economic considerations. Identify the three-step that should be performed when examine the global marketplace. A sweep of the worldwide commercial center ought to incorporate (1) an appraisal of the monetary infantry in various nations, (2) estimation of buyer salary in various nations, and (3) acknowledgment of a nations currency trade rates.5.Marketing information consists of secondary and autochthonic data. Define each(prenominal) of these types of marketing information. exhibit examples of secondary and primary data.Primary data is valuable data that you uncover and gather yourself through unique research. Expansive organizations usually spend a lot of cash to direct this exploration, procuring claim to fame look into firms or advertising offices. Studies are well known unique research apparatuses and there are a few sorts phone, mail, Internet and in-person are a few illustrations. Online review instruments g ive entrepreneurs a reasonable alternative, as long as you comprehend the impediments. pillowcase researching the internet, newspaper articles and company reports.Secondary Data is data that another person has just led, however, the outcomes are accessible for others to put on. A typical case of auxiliary information will be data gathered from the administration statistics. As an entrepreneur, exploit accessible auxiliary data its more affordable as far as both cash and time, and its measurably solid as long as it isnt excessively old and is from a dependable source, for example, an administration office or significant college. Example research reports, political science reports, censuses, weather reports, interviews, the Internet, reference books, organizational reports and accounting documents.6.Define proceeds positioning. What are two approaches to product positioning? Give an example of each approach.Product positioning is the process marketers use to determine how to best communicate their products attributes to their stooge customers based on customer needs, competitive pressures, available communication channels and carefully crafted key messages. Example of product positioning (a) Head-to-head Positioning Here and there an item needs to contend specifically with focused brands for a similar target shopper. Normally this is on account of the items are comparable in qualities and benefits, and a great many people need basically similar things. For instance, a pizza eatery may contend no holds barred by touting the freshness of its fixings or the estimation of its cost. It would not reckon well for the pizzeria to offer Chinese nourishment in an offer to bait an alternate demographic. (b) specialty Positioning Separation situating is the quest for these new purchasers by presenting highlights or capacities unmistakable from a rivalry. For instance, some truehearted food advertisers separate their menus by offering low-fat choices. Shoreline lodgi ngs endeavor to draw in business explorers by including forum focuses and official administrations. In the event that an organization offers a few brands of one item care oat or cleanser, it might utilize separation situating just to guarantee that its own particular offerings dont contend with each other.7.Describe the decline stage of the product life motorcycle. Explain the two strategies a company might employ if its product were in the decline stage of its product lifecycle.On the off chance that the attributes of the item life cycle stages and their showcasing suggestions are seen legitimately, the item may have made it to the last stage in the PLC the decline stage. to a greater extent often than not, the firm will have endeavored to keep the item to the extent that this would be possible in the development arrange. Nonetheless, once the offers of an item begin to fall or benefit can no upgrade be kept up, the decay organize is come to. This does frequently occur because o f the market passage of replace items which fulfill client needs superior to the last item. Example (a) Contracting out or change Loyal clients of an item can be held when the brand or the rights to create and offer the item are given on to a specialty administrator or by subcontracting. Numerous little firms utilize this procedure since they are sufficiently adaptable to offer the items market a palatable return. Each gathering engaged with this procedure profits by the arrangement the beginning firm can arrange gainfully of an item it never again needs, customers can continue purchasing items they want, and the subcontractor or purchaser can pick out up the advantages of a brand they would never have set up individually. (b) Milking or Harvesting When this governance is utilized, the item gets just next to zero showcasing support. The firm plans to expand the life of the item while creating the coin and the time required to set up new items. Whats more, the moderate decay of the item furnishes the firm with capable time to change in accordance with the declining income and to discover elective methods for producing pay.

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The Main Purpose of Accounting Essay Example for Free

The Main Purpose of Accounting Essay tutelage track of transactions and recording taxation and expenses be an important process, often assigned to an accounting division or a fiscal manager. Accounting allows companies to provide reports and insights needed to make sound financial decisions. The principal(prenominal) purpose of accounting is to identify and record all activities of the income and the outcome that allow foring affect the organisation financially. alone activities, including purchases, sales, the capital and interest earned from investments argon recorded in ledgers or journals. Entrepreneurs have to understand and smash a variety of line functions. An important descent function when starting a championship is accounting. Although galore(postnominal) enterprisers may have to deal with stacks of financial documents but accounting often provides entrepreneurs with the clearest picture of their condescensiones success. Entrepreneurs mustiness also keep records regarding the business start-up for tax and legal purposes. Filing records like these with great organisation will help run the business more(prenominal) efficiently and responsibly.Why is it important to keep accurate financial records, and how will this help the entrepreneur? Financial records will become very important when the tax normalize comes but they are also important in the twenty-four hours to day business. Preparing financial statements such as income statements, correspondence sheets, and cash flow statements are important because they show how successful the business is, an income statement be given taxations and expenses for the business. Accounting how much income is coming in from all channels, it can include accounts receivable, sales, etc. These items are the business revenues. Expenses should be clear because they are everything that is paying out of the business including the operating expenses, the difference between these will be the net income . To help the entrepreneur in the business, financial records should always be up to attend so that it can display an accurate snapshot of the business at any time, this way the entrepreneur wont have to back track, always keeping the business accounting affairs in order.What is meant by revenue and expenditure?Revenue is for the business. This is the total amount of bullion received by the business for goods sold or serve provided during a certain time period. In terms of reporting revenue in a businesses financial statement, different businesses may consider revenue to be received in different ways. For example, revenue could be received when a deal is signed, when the money is received or when the work are provided. Expenditure is spending money in order to create future benefits, which means that the money is being spent on a fixed asset, or on making sure that an animated asset has its useful life extended beyond the life of the current tax year.This could be equipment, s tation or industrial buildings. The difference between capital and revenue expenditure is that capital expenditure results in an addition to an asset to the business, however revenue expenditure results in an addition to the expense account. Capital expenditures are payments for asset additions and replacements. Revenue expenditures benefit a current period and are made for maintaining assets with routine repairs or replacement of a small part. A capital expenditure will benefit two or more accounting periods and expenses for future accounting periods. Revenue expenditure will cause an understatement of net income in that year. When expensing an item, it goes into the expense side of the income records where as capitalising an item will be processed on the total balance sheet.Revenue income and Capital incomeCapital income is money coming in from the owner of the business or after-school(prenominal) investors for the business. It is used to buy things that will stay in the business for a long time, for example the business building, vehicles or equipment which is initially referred to assets. Revenue income is money coming in from selling goods and providing a day to day service. The main sources are sales, rent received or commission received. The types of Capital income to expect to incur are such things as Loans- The amount of money lent to the business from the bank.The stumblebum sum the bank oblation to give you has to be paid back in lump sums, at certain amounts, per month all over the time period given. The bank will add a monthly interest onto the loan which is unremarkably a percent of the amount borrowed. These monthlypayments need to be paid back, even if the business does non succeed. Mortgages- Mortgages are similar to loans, but tend to give out longer time periods to pay the lump sum back. To secure the owes you will need to put assets on line. This is usually the property you used the mortgage to pay for.The types of Revenue income to expect to incur are such things as Sales- Or sales revenue is money coming into the business from the sales of or services. The sales can be paid for cash, which is the more comment payment, be paid by debit card or credit of the store, being paid for later on.Rent received- A business that owns property and chargers others to use all of or part of the property. The business will receive rent from this inhibitor. Commission received- A business that may sell products or services as a part of another business. For each sale they will make a section of what the customer pays for that sale. This percent is called commissions.

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Inequality in British Schools Essay Example for Free

In partakeity in British Schools EssayThe educational system is one and only(a) of the most influential institutions in alliance as it provides school female childish people with a vast amount of knowledge, attitudes and skills. These atomic number 18 acquired formally through set less(prenominal)ons or informally through the hidden curriculum which provides the unofficial and unplanned consequences of school experience. Social In cope withity is one of the major preoccupations of sociology. The relationship amongst distinction and education has been studied for some years. Although it seems obvious that educational advantage is simply down to an individuals capabilities and motif, sociological research shows that the inequalities in accessible associate, gender and travel rapidly and ethnicity go had a huge influence in the differential gear feat indoors British schooling. The schooling of the educational system in Britain was first put in place to secure equal educational opportunities for all young people, however despite these attacks, sociological evidence states that non all nipperren with the same strength achieve the same success. Some sociologists, such as Charles Murray fork up con flowed with the idea that genetic intellectual solventiveness determines an individuals performance in school.This idea is rejected by the mesh theorists as they take social yr to be one of the main factors that determine whether a child is successful at school or non, as in that respect argon major differences between the levels of exertion of those that are bug out of the workings social family and those apart of the middle path. (Macionis. J, Plummer.K, 2008) One of the main explanations for this is real deprivation. Working kinsfolk families are financially in a worse position than those of the middle class and and so are non capable to make the most of their educational opportunities.As they are breathing in poorer housing con ditions they may not have the space at home to be able to complete their schoolwork with full concentration. The lack of financial funds means that many families will not be able to provide their children with the necessities needed to fully develop within education, for mannequin a syndicate computer, sports equipment, or even money for school trips. It may be financially difficult for parents on a low income to support their children in higher education as well. Although student grants have been put in place, many children avoid higher education as they worry about the debt or travel costs.It similarly more than comparablely for those from a working classbackground to be managing education with a part time job, such as paper rounds or shop work, this can perplex conflict between the amount of time available for work and the amount of time spent on studying. (Browne. K, 2005) Research suggests that it is not only factors outside of the school that can effect skill there are also factors inside(a) the school that have an impact on a childs educational experiences. Teachers have been cognise to take into account things such as a childs standard of behaviour, dress, speech and their social class and background and this reflects how instructors treat particular individuals within the classroom. Teachers are often part of the middle class and the children that share the same values and standards are likely to be seen as brighter than those with working class values. The working class have a different focus on their values, attitudes and their lifestyle in familiarity.This often works as a barrier to the success of the working class. The blame for underachievement is often focused in the complaint of the family and community. These material and cultural conditions put working class children at a impairment when it comes to achievement in schools. Many of these factors, which have no relation to biological potential, have contributed to the educational class divide in Britain. Sociologist Robert.K.Merton was credited for the term self-fulfilling prophecy which focuses on a teachers attitude towards a pupil, for example if a pupil is labelled as bright and is encouraged and praised by the teacher, the child will timber self-confident and will strive for success. On the opposite hand if the teacher labels a pupil as un co-operative or from a poor background, this can cause low self-esteem and the pupil will be likely to fail to achieve much success.The Neo Marxists perspective on class stratification in Britain claims that schools create a false class consciousness so it seems that they promote equal opportunities for all, but they really reproduce a capitalistic division of drive, preparing young people for class-determined careers in the labour market. Willis (1977) accepts the Marxists view on education beingness closely linked to the needs of the capitalists system however he does not agree with the idea of there being a di rect link between education and the economy. (Macionis. J, Plummer.K, 2008) His study ground that poorer children often grow up in environments where people see little hope of upward social mobility and rebel against the system rather than severe toconform with in. In such an environment adults often discourage rather than encourage success at school. (Macionis. J, Plummer.K, 2008) Social class is not the only inequality in Britains schooling. Sociologists have also ground a link between gender and academic success. Until the late 1980s there was high concern about the underachievement of girls. Societies had been structured to consider schooling more important for males than for females.Although the gap in gender inequality has narrowed in Britain, many women still study handed-downly feminine subjects, such as books whilst men are more likely to study subjects that are seen to be more masculine like engineering. (Macionis. J, Plummer.K, 2008) Sue Sharpe in a 1976 survey call ed just like a girl discovered that the priorities of young girls were love, marriage, husbands, children and then jobs and careers, more or less in that order. When she repeated her research in 1994, she piece that the order had changed to having a job, career and being able to support themselves before having a family. (Browne. K, 2005) Weiner (1995) has argued that teachers have more forcefully challenged stereotypes since the 1980s and sexist images have been removed from learning materials, which could be the reason for the changes in girls attitudes towards their own education. The increase in incentives for girls to gain qualifications has been due to a number of reasons, one of them being the womens movement that managed to achieve a great deal of success in challenging traditional stereotypes for womens parts in society.Many women now vista past traditional roles, such as housewives and m new(prenominal)s and are motivated to gain independence and to do well in their car eers. Women on average work embarrassing during their time at school and are more motivated to do well. They put more effort into their presentation as they give up more time to do their school work. (Browne. K, 2005) It is clear that there have been major changes in the gender perception of girls in Britains schools and the inequalities between males and females has become less and less. Although certain traditional gender perceptions exist through subject choice, females now have more equal opportunities to gain knowledge within the classroom and achieve success.However in modern day society the tables have now turned and there has been a sudden moral panic over the underachievement of boys. (Weiner, Arnot and David 1997) Swann (1992) found that boys dominated class discussion by often acting inappropriately and interrupting, whereas girlsare known to have a more laid back attitude within the classroom and are praised for their abilities to listen and co-operate, which leads to t he teacher having a more positive view to girls within the class, helping to produce the self-fulfilling prophecy of girls greater achievement levels. (Holborn.M and Langley.P, 2002)Mitsos and Browne accept that boys are under-achieving and suggest that it is because men are culturally encouraged to appear masculine and tough in society and these types of behaviours take place within the classroom and distract from learning. They also believe that the decline in manual work may result in the working class boys losing motivation as it is getting harder and harder to find jobs. Although these reasons seem valid, sociologists believe that more research has to be done within this area. (Holborn.M and Langley.P, 2002) More recent studies on education and gender have come away from the simple differential achievement and now take into account a lot more processes within schools. The active role of the pupil is seen to create gender relationships and the way in which children form ideas o n identities is seen to have a big impact. We have discussed social class and gender inequalities within Britains schools however we are still to look into ethnicity and race and the effects this has on differential achievement within schools.Many children from ethnic minority backgrounds tend to not do as well as other members of the population when it comes to education. Similar to the working class issues as majority of ethnic minority groups are part of the working class they face a series of disadvantages in social conditions, such as poor housing conditions and higher rates of unemployment within their home, which can cause a disadvantage in the chances of success. (Macionis. J, Plummer.K, 2008) Ethnic minorities are also at a disadvantage in school as they often suffer from isolation or racism from other pupils or are even removed against from teachers. Although, all schools in Britain are now legally obliged to have an anti-racist policy and teachers are now trained in equ ality legislation, research in secondary schools has shown conflict between white teachers and African Caribbean pupils. Stereotypes of African Caribbean young males have caused teachers to have more positive expectations of other ethnic minority groups, more than others.This explains the high level of black exclusions from schools and also explains why most unceasing exclusions are down to disobedience of some sort, forexample pupils refusing to conform to school rules or being verbally abusive to teachers. The Labelling of certain pupils can cause them to comply with what is expected of them, for example disruptive behaviour and therefore leads to major effects on achievement. Phoenix (2001) conducted numerous studies identifying racism in schools some suggest teachers discriminate against black and South Asian students, treating them in stereotypical ways. (Holborn.M and Langley.P, 2002)Racism can cause ethnic minorities to smell in some ways rejected from society and therefore racism within schools can cause young people to feel rejected from school as well, which can lead to prevention of achievement as individuals are not able to work to their full potential as they are not happy and comfortable in the school environment. Not all sociologists agree with the inequalities of ethnic minorities in schools. Taylor (1981) argues that the accent on faults in the education system should be treated with some degree of caution. Teachers do not necessarily behave in ways that reflect negative stereotypes of ethnic minority groups according to Taylor and that many teachers consider ethnic equality within schools to be of a high level of importance. (Holborn.M and Langley.P, 2002)There is exuberant evidence to link differential achievement with inequalities within Britains schools. Social class and ethnic inequalities effect the education and success of some pupils to some extent. Although, there have been developments and improvements on equality in society as a whole including educational institutions, there is still a long way to go before all individuals can be provided with equal opportunities of success. There are still clear class divisions within Britains schools as the working class are constantly at a disadvantage which prevents them from achieving to their full potential.Ethnic minority groups have very similar issues that need to be addressed in order for equal opportunities to evolve. However, there have been drastic changes in gender equality in schools and females and males are now being treated equally within the classroom. These changes have occurred within the whole of society as traditional gender stereotypes have been broken. These changes have had positive results as females now strive to achieve success.ReferencingBrowne, K., 2005. An instauration to sociology. 3rd ed. Cambridge Polity Press Holborn, M., Langley, P., 2002. Sociology Themes and Perspectives. Fulham Collins Macionis, J.J., Plummer, K., 2008. Sociology. 4th ed. Essex Pearson Moore, S., Aiken, D., Chapman, S., 2006. Sociology A2. 2nd ed. Fulham CollinsGirls and Education (online)Available athttp//www.historylearningsite.co.uk/girls_education.htmAssessed on 07/06/2012

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Broadsheet and Tabloid Comparison Essay Example for Free

gamin and Tabloid Comparison EssayThe media is undoubtedly one of the most influential and powerful force at heart our hunting lodge today. Its means of mass communication has the ability to report news show in a modal value which often affects and distorts a persons opinion and interpretation of a certain story. Yet its importance in our society is immeasurable, since its the main way of affirming the public of national and international events. The purpose of this essay is to examine and go bad how two secerning news newspapers a philippic and a tabloid report the news. We often flock the broadsheet as having higher status than the tabloid as it is more(prenominal) serious, sophisticated and elaborate. The tabloid in contrast is dominated by sensational stories. I would be scrutinizing The day by day Mirror, a typical tabloid paper and The single-handed which is the conventional broadsheet paper. The story in question which both(prenominal) newspapers be narra ting concerns the fatal discharge of Yetunde Price, babe of the famous tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. Different papers frequently vary the way news is portrayed in put in to engage and captivate different audiences, barely their primary purpose is to inform and entertain. The Daily Mirror is liable(predicate) to entice those who are less well educated and classified as Social class III, IV and V in the Registrar Generals Scale the working class. in that locationfore the stories that seduce them are likely to concern violence, showbiz and sporting events, stories which are hexised.This is shown by the way how Yetunde Prices death was highlighted by the feature that her sisters were distinguished tennis players and overly the obligate was contextualised to feed the enjoiners curiosity. The Independent is aimed at the more conservative, middle classes who are categorized as Social class I and II in the Registrar-Generals Scale. They are more likely to have had a n extensive education and prefer upmarket newspapers. Yet it is much more complicated than this both denominations would have not existed if not for the prominent status of Yetundes sisters, and so The Independent has defied the stereotypes of a broadsheet by focusing more on her glamourous and famous sisters. It is often thought that the newspaper enchants the reader, yet the readers themselves influence the way news is reported as the newspapers have to adapt their stories to the readers taste in order to overstretch their attention. The style of The Daily Mirror is one which is explicitly written, containing many graphic, vivid information on the baneful event, undoubtedly in order to sensationalise Yetundes untimely demise as well as reveal the capacious dissimilarity between her life and her sisters.The article begins by presenting Venus and Serenas wealth and prestige they had the fame, the fear and the bodyguards, this call of triplets and alliteration not plainly emph asis their greatness plainly is also an attention grabbing introduction, inveigling the reader to read further. It then goes on to mention the sad story of their shy sister so that the reader may understand the significance of this story. The details then be line ups more disturbing and horrific, describing plainly the fusillade of shoots, how Yetunde was lying in blood and hit in the chest. Such emotive descriptions may be sickening but the writers schedule in a tabloid newspaper is to focus on the blood and the gore in order to make it more realistic for the reader.The varied sentence structure also contribute to the glamourised effect. The article from The Independent begins with having short sentence structure which goes straight into the story, capturing the readers attention, Yet the information condition are uncertain and quite a vague, using phrases such as perhaps, no one yet knows and but for some reason. This combines the accompaniments with an element of brain-te aser and so it creates suspense and stirs the readers inquisitiveness.The Independents style is based on the conventions of a fairytale story genre and it is centred on the Williams sisters rise to power. Yet, like all fairytales there is the feature of calamity and sadly in this particular story, the tragedy triumphs. Yetunde is the victim of this tragedy yet the article concentrates more on the power pair sisters and the glitz and the glamour of countless tournament trophies, of commercial endorsement, of fashion lines. The writers device on using alliteration and anaphora over again gives greater impact and excites the reader. It is also part of the fairytale style narrative which prevails throughout the article. The article is also not as harsh andblunt as The Daily Mirror and contains a lot of euphemism. apart(predicate) from the euphemistic descriptions of her final hours, Yetunde is little mentioned in comparison to her sisters in The Independent. This is due to the fact t hat she is virtually unnamed and so the writer does not want to lose the readers attention. However, the reader may then come to view fame, wealth and prestige is more cardinal then the main story. There is undeniably a disproportionate focus on the more admired of the Williams sisters, which centres on their background, upraising and lifestyle that it overshadows the main story. Little of the article is consecrate to Yetunde as there is hardly any mention of her upbringing and characteristics. The pictures creates the impression of all the sisters close join which emphasis their grief over the loss of Yetunde. Despite of this, Yetunde herself is not central figure of the picture. She is instead set on the far left and she is facing away from her sisters. The editor may have this particular send off because of her posture and the sombre clothes she is wearing, perphaps as a sign of her approaching demise. The Independent contains some of the important facts on how Yetunde was killed and provides only one witness account.The Daily Mirror contains more witness accounts and expert opinions on the case, which gives a more comprehensive view of the case. Yetunde is also given more attention and the text explores thoroughly the cause of her death by having more of these witness accounts so that it conveys a more striking and move effect. As well as this, The Mirror focus more on the the area and the environment the Williams sisters were brought up in, with a small section at the end dedicated to exposing the terrible history of the notorious Crompton district. There is also more background knowledge of their lives, yet it tends to intrude into their private lives as the details given are very personal. The pictures include one of the ikon of the crime, which is very much like a scene from a Hollywood film and a picture of the weapon used so that the reader may feel more disturbed at the killing yet inclined to read on. The biggest picture shows Yetunde and her sister Serena attending a glittering award ceremony which again dramatise the story. The striking headline of The Daily Mirror, Killed With AK47 is not only blunt but written in capital letters and spread crosswise the page so that it conveys shock to the reader.The smaller headings above and beneathe it is a brief explanation of what happen yet it creates an element of suspense. The Stars Sister is Murdered in particular outlines the nature of the story so the reader would search a lot of sensationalism. The main picture of Yetunde and Serena is in fact bigger than the the text itself but it has been overdone so that the reader would think that Yetunde herself is a celebrity and raises the importance of the article. The other pictures are placed on the left side of the main image so the reader could see the contrast between them, and so come to understand the harsh reality of Yetunde life. The small section at the end has the heading Streets of charge which is a metaphor and conveys to the reader the true nature of the district they were brought up in. The Independent shows none of these pictures of Crompton but instead has only one picture which is the equivalent size of the text, so there is less sensationalism. The article itself is half the size of The Mirror due to lack of information so the reader may come to view this story as insignificant. It is also placed on page 11 as contrary to the tabloid which placed it on page 4 and 5, so here there is not as much hype around the story.The headlines are less blunt and there is also the use of italics on the words fairytale, close-knit family and grief which sways the readers emotions. As I have analysized above, the two newspaper articles shows contrasting representations of the same story. The Mirror with its tendency to exaggerate the stories, presents this article with the features of fame, glamour and explicit descriptions. The editor is obviously aware of the fact that sensationalism sells. The Independent, despite its lack of information, has actually taken the more dignified approach by show respect for the deceased with going into too much information the gory details. It could be argued that The Mirror is instead inappropiate in immorally cashing in on Yetundes death, yet their story is in the readers interest since not only is Yetunde mentioned more but it covers many aspects of her life and personality in tribute to her. Whereas the editors motive in presenting the article the way it does in The Independent might be in conflict with the reader as theyare likely to want more information on Yetunde and the nature of her horrific death instead of Serena and Venus. In our society today, we as the audience are becoming increasingly concerned, bordering on obsessiveness, with the lives of the rich and the famous. The media understands and encourages our curiosity by publicising more and more stories on celebrities. This could affect the quality of the news we consume, es pecially in tabloids, where instead of presenting the more serious stories, we are swamped with excessive news on the famous.

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Goal Statement Essay Example for Free

Goal Statement EssayI have planned on becoming a instructor for years. After receiving my own education, I look off to sharing my knowledge with my students. In the early(prenominal) I have taught classes in creative writing, instrumental music, sailing, various sciences, and religious education, allowing me to experience the interactions between teacher and students in different environments. The age of my students ranged from seven to fifteen, so I utilized a variety of article of faith techniques to keep the students interested. I have grown to love teaching and every time I date stamp a look of understanding on a childs face, I feel I have do a difference in their development, even if it was just a small impact. I look forward to the opportunities provided by the college I have chosen to enroll in, to be active in the educational communities of Rhode Island, in particular through their practical teaching programs in connection with coursework in their College of Arts a nd Sciences. I plan on learning as much as I can through these courses so I whitethorn be better prepared to pursue a successful career as an educator. I pull up stakes be striving towards a double major in Secondary Education and either a math or science topic, and once I receive my degree I plan on becoming a teacher at in the science and/or math course center on during my.I plan on using the information I have gained through my college studies to be not only a competent educator, but also an expert in the field I decide to teach. As an educator, it will be my goal to demonstrate fairness to each student by providing the knowledge and explanation necessary for them to succeed both in my class and in life. As my theatrical role to the community, I plan to pass on the benefits of my college education to future generations through my career as a teacher.

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Religious and Ethnic Groups Essay Example for Free

spectral and Ethnic Groups EssayAmerica has many pietisms, races, ethnicities, and languages from all over the world. Prejudice and inconsistency has been around for years, and it muted is to this day. This is twain(prenominal) subject that will probably never go away as everyone has their own ideals, and beliefs. Buddhism and Blacks deal endured prejudice and discrimination of their own for many years. Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading to insight into the squ are(a) nature of reality (The Buddhist Center). Buddhism doesnt discriminate against race, nationality, sexuality, or gender. Buddhism is more of finding a path for ones life and shows people to be practical and to the point. It teaches people that there are consequences for your actions and that it is possible to change as long as the path is beed. Christians and Muslims intend that if they live a becoming life here on earth they will live forever with god after death. Jews pract iced focus on living a good life, doing good things, etc but begettert very focus on the life after death. Buddhists do non believe in a God after death.Rather, they believe that life is an everlasting cycle of birth and rebirth, that what is done during a lifetime determines the loving of life one will waste in a future incarnation unless a soulfulness is liberates him or herself from the cycle (Ameri trick Institute Buddhist Thought, 2013). Most other religions have one creator with a book that gives guidance, such as the Bible. Buddhism does not have a single divine creator or book. It has the lessons from Siddhartha Gautama who was not a God of prophet. He was a human being who became Enlightened, understanding life in the deepest way possible (The Buddhist Center).Other religions want to prove to their God by the whole shebang they do, Buddhists just want to attain true happiness by following the teachings of Buddha. The Christians in south virtually Korea did not agree with Buddhism teachings, they vandalized their temples. Buddhists were affected greatly in the 20th century with all the religions that didnt agree. They were oppressed and tortured, and went with sooner a bit of abuse from prejudice and discrimination. Most (mainly westerner) dont believe Buddhism as a religion since there is no one Creator, it is mainly just teachings to help you follow the path of Enlightenment.In Sri Lanka in the late 1800s Christians were favored and they were given most jobs and promotions over Buddhists. in addition during the Sri Lankan Civil War Buddhists experienced a lot terrorists attacks. The Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut stated, In Tibet, the Dharma has been brutally oppressed since the Chinese invasion in the 1950s. Christian was a widely known religion for quite some time, and during these times it took over and they wanted to convert others, especially the Buddhist religion. Most non-Buddhists discriminated against the Buddhists.Catho lics, Christians, Jews, and many groups did not agree with Buddhism with the thoughts it wasnt really a religion. They were tortured in many places such as China, Tibet, Vietnam, North and South Korea, Great Britain, and France. Buddhism is seen everywhere here in America, from TV shows, in schools, to movies intimately the history. Although it is in many places that people dont really realize. on that point are Buddhas all over, and enkindle be bought as little trinkets from places. If you rub the belly it is supposed to give you good luck.Meditation has scrape from this religion and it is used quite a bit to help people relax. Zen is used quite a bit here in America on many things. There is a inflexible of associations with familiar American values, such as simplicity, naturalness, peace, and harmony. There are the favorite values of the health and pabulum industries, such as wholesomeness, well-being, and natural goodness and there are the aesthetic values of the young urba n sushi culture, such as tasteful understatement, sophisticated minimalism, and multicultural cosmopolitanism. (Religion Ethics Newsweekly).Doing the research on Buddhism has helped me understand it a lot better. I have learned about it in high school just a bit but never really knew the full extent. I never really knew they went through so much until now. I didnt realize how much it is in the American Culture until now. We use the words, theories, and some of the practices such as meditation for our own reasons. We may not follow the Buddhism religion but we do use it and it has made its way into our culture. Growing up my mom had a little green Buddha that was ceaselessly on her dresser.She would always rub his belly because it was good luck. People from African descent normally have a darker complexion, usually a dark brown skin color. Blacks were brought to America as slaves from ships and sold to the whites. In Africa they speak a different language, mainly using dialects. O ver the years through assimilation the Africans who have come to America now referred to as African Americans speak English. The ancestors of blacks mainly come from Central and South America, as for the whites mainly descend from Europe if they are from European descent.The culture of Africans was very different forwards they came to America as slaves. To learn more about the Enslaved African Ancestors this article was very informative, National geographic News Americas Cultural Roots Traced to Enslaved African Ancestors. Blacks were burned, whipped, beaten, and the whites could treat them however they felt. The Africans who came to America were constrained to come here, and the experiences they had at first were not that good. They were highly discriminated against and had no free will what so ever. They were picturesque much property to whoever they bought them.With the forcing of Africans to come to America they were one of the hugest minorities to endure prejudice, racism, an d discrimination. African Americans were not able to ballot and they had practically no rights or freedom what so ever. Blacks could not use the same water fountains, bathrooms, diners, or even schools. They had to sit in the back of the bus and could not sit anywhere near a white person. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white passenger and got arrested, tried, and convicted for moblike conduct and violating the local law.This also led to the Bus Boycott in Montgomery. Mainly white individuals discriminated and were antiblack against the Blacks. Whites thought they were better, and since they were brought to America as slaves they didnt look at them as human beings. They were different so they werent equal to the whites, as the whites were educated and more advanced. Their contributions in early America, for which they have reliable little or no credit, include the development of the American dairy industry, open razing of cattle, coloured insemination of cows, the d evelopment of vaccines (including vaccination of small pox), and cures for snake bites. (Slave Rebellion, 2010). Over the years they have contributed a lot that we dont really give them credit for, this is just the beginning of what they have given American Culture. Whites tough them horribly and took most the credit for what they have done, at times they still do to this day. I already knew most of the stuff I learned researching this racial group.In high school they teach most about slavery. I just love doing the research for groups like these because there is always something to learn and with this exit most people like to jump to conclusions and believe everything they read or hear about our history. There are many contraventions and similarities between these two groups in the prejudice and discrimination they endured. One major difference was that Buddhists were not forced to be that religion, and were not forced into slavery or to live where they did.One thing though was t hat Buddhists were driven out of places and kept to specific areas where they had to stay because they werent welcome other places. They were both harassed and beaten as well as they had their stuff destroyed and were killed with no second thought. unlikeness is a very hatred thing, and it drives people to do some scary things. Taking someones life and not treating them like they are a human being is one of the worst things you can do. It is sad that people cant just be themselves without people wanting to do something about it to force them to be something else.

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Current Trend to Teaching Nutrition in Elementary School Essay Example for Free

watercourse Trend to Teaching diet in Elementary School EssayElementary schools have provoke aspects of putting across pabulum information to students through various methods. For instance, game theory is used to transform healthier food for unhealthy foods currently consumed in various places including public places. Game theory in nutriment involves changing ones brain which eventually affects the body. This system entails mastering the guidelines of competitive practices mostly in purchasing, preparing or consuming advantageously foods for our bodies. Game theory is used to motivate groups of people on their approaches to eating habits. In this theory, food is used to enable requireers make decisions.It also examines the learners trust with regard to the fact that the body is molded depending on what one was fed on during his/her childhood and that the body is designed to fight diseases in clock of infection. When using game theory, the teacher gives learners differe nt examples of commonly used foods like the use of extra vestal oil by an individual or chicken fat for baking. In this example, the teacher is able to describe the individual who is at risk of developing diabetes (Brenowitz Tuttle, 2003). In elementary schools, teachers identify the most important nutrition topics and the materials required to teach nutrition.For instance, healthy food choices and food guide benefit are important topics that ought to be taught in elementary schools. Teachers have got the ability to change dietary behaviors of students. Middle schools use the team nutrition curriculum yourself which has details on food groups, required servings, following USDA food guide pyramid and weight guidelines. It also has guidelines and activities that are employed while choosing snacks (Gutek Gerald, 1986). Elementary school teachers reward their students for good and respectable behavior. The teachers use food method and non food method to reward them.With food metho d the teacher chooses the students with good eating habits while with non food method those students with good interactive behavior are rewarded. As a result, most students will try as much as they can, so that they can improve and learn good nutritional habits.ReferencesBrenowitz, N. , Tuttle, C. R. (2003). Development and testing of a nutrition-teaching selfefficacy scale for elementary school teachers. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 35, 308-311. Gutek, B. Gerald, L. (1986). Education in the United States An Historical Perspective. New Jersey Prentice-Hall.