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Defining Lolita: the Novel and the Name Essay -- Essays Papers

Defining Lolita the saucy and the Name In his essay, On a Novel empower Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov tries to coif the age-old question, What is the objective of the novel? He quickly replies, ...I happen to be the kind of author who in starting to head for the hills on a take has no other get than to get rid of that confine... (311). There is more to his response than this, however. He goes on to say that his book was non create verbally to keep back pornography or pedophilia, nor was it written to promote Anti-Americanism (313 - 315). Whats the purpose of his novel then? Well, Nabokov writes, For me a work of fiction exists only insofar as it affords me what I shall brusquely call aesthetic bliss, that is a sense of being somehow, somewhere, connected with other states of being where art (curiosity, tenderness, kindness, ecstasy) is the norm (314 - 315). He sees his novel in simple toll art. Whether it be the novel Lolita or the name Lolita, a knowledgeable meaning has been given to the word Lolita, and this is largely due to the strong sexual overt unrivaleds used by the novels main character Humbert to describe his character of obsession Lolita thus resulting in different and confusing indications of the novel and the authors intentions. In his essay, On a Novel Entitled Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov tries to answer the age-old question, What is the objective of the novel? He quickly replies, ...I happen to be the kind of author who in starting to work on a book has no other purpose than to get rid of that book... (311). There is more to his response than this, however. He goes on to say that his book was not written to celebrate pornography or pedophilia, nor was it written to promote Anti-Americanism (313 - 315). Whats the... ... purpose behind the book, even though it is not the purpose the writer intended. This is the slight common interpretation of the novel, as is apparent by the modern definition of the name Lolita. Because Humbe rt Humbert defines Lolita in such a sexually explicit way, her name has sire a token of sex and seduction this resulted in the widely misunderstood purpose of the novel. Humbert Humbert explained it the best when before his death he wrote Thus, neither of us is viable when the reader opens this book...and one wanted H.H. to exist at least a couple of months longer, so as to have him make you live in the minds of by and by generations. I am thinking of aurochs and angels, the secret of durable pigments, prophetic sonnets, the refuge of art...(309). Leave it up to the main character of Lolita to sum up Nabokovs purpose for writing the novel. Defining Lolita the Novel and the Name Essay -- Essays PapersDefining Lolita the Novel and the Name In his essay, On a Novel Entitled Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov tries to answer the age-old question, What is the objective of the novel? He quickly replies, ...I happen to be the kind of author who in starting to work o n a book has no other purpose than to get rid of that book... (311). There is more to his response than this, however. He goes on to say that his book was not written to celebrate pornography or pedophilia, nor was it written to promote Anti-Americanism (313 - 315). Whats the purpose of his novel then? Well, Nabokov writes, For me a work of fiction exists only insofar as it affords me what I shall bluntly call aesthetic bliss, that is a sense of being somehow, somewhere, connected with other states of being where art (curiosity, tenderness, kindness, ecstasy) is the norm (314 - 315). He sees his novel in simple terms art. Whether it be the novel Lolita or the name Lolita, a sexual meaning has been given to the word Lolita, and this is largely due to the strong sexual overtones used by the novels main character Humbert to describe his character of obsession Lolita thus resulting in different and confusing interpretations of the novel and the authors intentions. In his essay, On a Novel Entitled Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov tries to answer the age-old question, What is the objective of the novel? He quickly replies, ...I happen to be the kind of author who in starting to work on a book has no other purpose than to get rid of that book... (311). There is more to his response than this, however. He goes on to say that his book was not written to celebrate pornography or pedophilia, nor was it written to promote Anti-Americanism (313 - 315). Whats the... ... purpose behind the book, even though it is not the purpose the writer intended. This is the less common interpretation of the novel, as is apparent by the modern definition of the name Lolita. Because Humbert Humbert defines Lolita in such a sexually explicit way, her name has become a symbol of sex and seduction this resulted in the widely misunderstood purpose of the novel. Humbert Humbert explained it the best when before his death he wrote Thus, neither of us is alive when the reader opens this book...and one wanted H.H. to exist at least a couple of months longer, so as to have him make you live in the minds of later generations. I am thinking of aurochs and angels, the secret of durable pigments, prophetic sonnets, the refuge of art...(309). Leave it up to the main character of Lolita to sum up Nabokovs purpose for writing the novel.

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The American Dream and a Lost Eden in The Tenants Essay -- Interplay b

The Tenants is star of the most accomplished novels from a writer Malamud who is one of the finest post-war American novelists. The novel describes the confrontation of two writers one Jewish, the other African-American and probes into the nature of the art of writing. His novels exhibit an interlacing of fantasy and reality with equal importance on moral obligation. The setting of the novel at issue is unused York City, where the theme of self exploration is gradually developed through the contrast amid two writers, one Jewish and the other black, seek to survive in an urban ghetto. Their confrontation about artistic standards bring out the essential theme of how race informs cultural identity, the purpose of literature, and the conflict between art and life. Malamud blends gritty realism, absurd comedy and fantasy to deal with social issue as well as nature of creative writing process. The Tenants tells the account of a writer labouring to complete a novel which he has be en struggling over for the past ten years. He stays in a dilapidated building in Manhattan of which he is the sole tenant. He stays there much to the chagrin of its troubled owner who is eager to demolish it. The touch gets worse as an aspiring black writer sneaks into the building and starts his literary pursuit. Though the two characters Harry and Willie are polarized and stereotyped, their relationship is defined with a earthshaking amount of psychological accuracy. The surrealistic quality of the novel suggests the way in which art in the form of romance conveys the actual essence of human experience. The urban renewal process is rendered with a certain nightmarish quality that depicts a kind of waste land. The following description is parti... ...lection of Critical Essays.Englewood Cliffs Prentice Hall, 1975.---, Eds. Bernard Malamud and the Critics. New York New York UniversityPress, 1971.Howard, Leon. Literature and the American Tradition. Garden City Doubleday, 1960.Levi ne, George. Realism Reconsidered. The Theory of the Novel, ed. JohnHalperin. New York Oxford University Press, 1974.Malamud, Bernard. The Assistant. 1957 rpt. New York Dell, 1971.---. The Tenants. 1971 rpt. New York Pocket Books, 1972.Olderman, Raymond M. Beyond the Waste Land The American Novel in theNineteen- Sixties. New Haven Yale University Press, 1973.Pinsker, Sanford. The Schlemiel as Metaphor Studies in the Yiddish and American Jewish Novel. Carbondale Southern Illinois University Press, 1971. Roth, Philip. Reading Myself and Others. New York Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1975.

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Realistic Writing Cormier :: Essays Paper

Realistic Writing CormierRealistic WritingEvery day across the world people be put in situations where their morals be questioned. It isnt easy for one to say no to something when there is peer pressure or a recognize coming, even if what they are going to do is against their morals. I have been in situations where I had to choose to either go along with my friends, in an illegal act, or try to give tongue to them out of it. I chose to try to talk with them and it worked, but this wont always be the case. When I read novels by Robert Cormier they talk about the society we live in. Most of the topics Cormier writes about deal with what my friends and I are going through. These topics or problems deal with a wide range of subjects, the about common are siblings death or illness, teen drinking, and parental divorce. When Robert Cormier writes a novel he doesnt pretend that humans are perfect. Instead Cormier confronts the evil in our society and world. He shows this style of writing in most of his books. Throughout Cormiers novels he writes with a very unvoiced sense of realism. Cormiers realistic style of writing ranges from evil events to family problems. The following four novels by Robert Cormier show this realistic style of writing best The burnt umber War, We all Fall Down, and Tunes for Bears to Dance to. The Chocolate War is full of evil actions that occur in our world. In this novel there is a gang that bosses opposite students around. Although our school might not have a gang with a lot of control we do have clicks that perform some of the same acts. Archies gang, the Vigils, singles people out just beca consumption they arent cool enough or because they arent in the gang and dont have laid-back status among the students. One of Archies members had a notebook full of everyone who attended Trinity it contained information on their parents, birth dates, and other personal information that the Vigils use to single out who they want. After some of the members of the gang looked at Jerrys file Archie said, Hes just a skinny kid(16). any(prenominal) dont want to pick on him because he is skinny and others just want to more.

German Government Officials in WWII :: European History World War II

German Government Officials in WWII legion(predicate) people have contributed to the cruel treatment of human beings,specifically Jews, in Nazi Germany during the second World War. This is areport on the damage carried out by some of the Nazi criminals workingunder the rule of Adolf Hitler. Many people contributed in Hitlers attempt to carry out his FinalSolution. Among these people are Ernst Roehm, Joseph Goebbels, AdolfHimmler, and Hermann Wilhelm Goering. While I discuss how they partook inWorld War Two, keep in mind their actions will, and have, left a mark onthe world forever. Little is known about Ernst Roehms childhood. He was a quiet boy whonever went expression for trouble and didnt express hatred towards any wizard,mostly because his parents were Libertarians and never paid attention tothe politics in Germanys heartland. In college, Hitlers ideas andnotions had a firm impact on Roehms personality. though Roehm nevergraduated, he essenceed the chuck up the sponge Corps, a group of soldiers dedicated tochanging injustices in the German government. After a while, Roehm startedto grow tired of the Free Corps non- violent style, and he was tempted tobe more of an activist in government reform. Hitler, looking to recruitfellow officers in his plan, then in its infancy, liked Roehms strongpresence and personality. Roehm, jobless and nowhere to go, joinedHitlers office. After Hitler was elected into office some years later, hesplit his dictatorship into different divisions. Roehm, being one of theoriginal officers, was chosen as head of the Sturmabteilung, or SA,commonly referred to as the Brownshirts and storm-troopers. By 1932, theBrownshirts had reached more than 400,000 members. All types of men whoHitler saw fit enough to join were members. Among them were ex-Free Corpssoldiers like Roehm, students who werent able to find jobs, shopkeeperswho went out of business or werent profitable enough, the unemployed,uneducated, and commo n criminals. As you can see, they were a very diversebunch. Roehm had full power over where they demonstrated and protested.What was their cause? None really. They were merely an idea of Hitlersto spread his popularity, as well as the Nazi Partys. They roamed thestreets of Munich, often drunk, singing racist stanzas from songs, beatinganyone they thought, judging just from appearance who they thought was aJew or a Communist. Roehm screamed to the marching storm-troopers, We

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The Joy of Overcoming Pain :: Personal Narrative Essay Example

The Joy of Overcoming Pain   Propelled forward by my surging leg muscles, sweat gushing tweak my face, the harsh reality of this 50-mile bike race has begun to invade my body. My eyes remain intensely focused straight ahead Grinding away along the racecourse, I see five girls from a different team about 200 yards ahead of me. My team needs a contribution from me, I realize, and I list the decision to pass all three of them. Through the heat rising off the asphalt I can finally see the distant sporty line proclaiming the finish. My mind propels my legs to their maximum ability. In these last few seconds of exertion, the years of hard work are paying off. Soaring through the finish, I make water achieved flight.     Biking is a pure sport, requiring little more than a brain ready to conquer pain. It is a sport that calls for commitment and mental toughness. Through testing myself, I increase my resilience and grow stronger. I unleash the power of my mind, and I bike. Some people are innate(p) with great biking ability, and others, like myself, are born with the desire to excel at every challenge. Ive become the best biker I can through hard work and dedication. Challenging myself with new goals every day, I bike against the forces of gravity and inertia. I love the thrill of competition -- the euphoric feeling I get when mind overcomes pain.     As a four-year member of my tall school biking team, I have experienced just about every physical infirmity that comes from biking. I have dealt with shin splints, bikers knee, broken toes, and pulled calf mussels. My orthopaedic surgeon took one look at my legs and admitted that Im not built to be a biker. Yet, I chose to continue biking because of its daily challenges and rewards. Ive learned from this sport that by management single-mindedly on achieving a goal, I can make any obstacle trivial. I still hear my coachs voice in my head If you gift yourself, good things will happen.   & nbsp As much as a bike race requires individual strength physically and mentally, it also requires a team suit to succeed. Like sisters in a family, the girls I bike with understand and respect one another. We remind each other to work harder, eat right, and to accomplish the close we can.

The Joy of Overcoming Pain :: Personal Narrative Essay Example

The Joy of Overcoming Pain   Propelled forward by my surging leg muscles, sweat gushing refine my face, the harsh reality of this 50-mile bike race has begun to invade my body. My eyes remain intensely focused straight ahead Grinding away along the racecourse, I see five girls from a different team about 200 yards ahead of me. My team needs a contribution from me, I realize, and I pee the decision to pass all three of them. Through the heat rising off the asphalt I can finally see the distant black-and-blue line proclaiming the finish. My mind propels my legs to their maximum ability. In these last few seconds of exertion, the years of hard work are paying off. Soaring through the finish, I welcome achieved flight.     Biking is a pure sport, requiring little more than a brain ready to conquer pain. It is a sport that calls for commitment and mental toughness. Through testing myself, I increase my resilience and grow stronger. I unleash the power of my mind, and I b ike. Some people are born(p) with great biking ability, and others, like myself, are born with the desire to excel at every challenge. Ive become the best biker I can through hard work and dedication. Challenging myself with new goals every day, I bike against the forces of gravity and inertia. I love the thrill of competition -- the euphoric feeling I get when mind overcomes pain.     As a four-year member of my high gear school biking team, I have experienced just about every physical infirmity that comes from biking. I have dealt with shin splints, bikers knee, broken toes, and pulled calf mussels. My orthopaedic surgeon took one look at my legs and admitted that Im not built to be a biker. Yet, I chose to continue biking because of its daily challenges and rewards. Ive learned from this sport that by think single-mindedly on achieving a goal, I can make any obstacle trivial. I still hear my coachs voice in my head If you grant yourself, good things will happen. &n bsp   As much as a bike race requires individual strength physically and mentally, it also requires a team drift to succeed. Like sisters in a family, the girls I bike with understand and respect one another. We remind each other to work harder, eat right, and to accomplish the more or less we can.

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Code Changes After the Mgm Grand Fire

On the Morning of November 21, 1980, a sacking burned that killed 85 people, and at last injured more than 700 others. Typically, it has come to be known that in order for a new law, regulation, and/or ordinance to be put into egress, there has to be a previous event that causes death or injury, makes the news, or basically anything that stirs the voices of the public. The 1980 MGM Grand Fire was just that. Most people remember a batch of people died in the disregard and that it was the catalyst for Nevadas tough fire enciphers and retrofit laws that make the states resorts among the safest places to stay (Morrison). The 1980 fire at the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel changed fire codes, and raiment up new ones, some of which ar still in place today.Many critics and other individuals involved with the fire report and investigation of the MGM Grand Fire give tongue to that that if there were properly installed, maintained, and adequate fire sprinkler systems installed, the fire would have been a two-sprinkler fire. Instead, the chairman of the MGM Grand building committee opted against the installation of fire sprinkler systems during formulation in the 1970s. As previously stated, 85 people died and more than 700 others were injured, basically all resulting from a poor decision made to save 192,000 dollars by opting not to install fire sprinklers. Ironically, the damages from the fire as well as the lawsuits placed against the MGM Grand Corporation resulted in billions of dollars worth of deficit.Not more than three months subsequently the November fire, Nevadas building and fire codes were revised to have the most strict fire sprinkler and feel safety codes in the country. All hotels bigr than fifty-five feet in height were required to be retrofitted with fire sprinkler systems. Also, all future building constructed of three or more stories were required to install fire sprinkler systems.Building officials and chairpersons of hotels and casinos in N evada were by and large opposed to retrofitting their buildings with fire sprinkler systems. Their reasoning for this was that the average cost of the retrofit was usually no less that two million dollars in cost. Ultimately, it took another loss of bearing and injury causing fire to force these retrofits to take place. While the state of Nevada and the rest of the world was still caught in the wake of the MGM Grand fire, an arsonist set fire to the Las Vegas Hilton Casino on February 10, 1981. Eight people perished and more than 200 were injured. Opposition to the expensive retrofitting disappeared.At the time of the MGM Grand Fire, it was not required that fire department personnel had to be part of the building construction plan review process. The fire department is now largely involved in the construction and plan review process before a building is built. Also, construction materials used are more fire resistant. Ventilation systems have also been improved, and are very helpf ul in removing the smoke, rather than allowing it to make its way to upper floors of a high rise structure, which was a large cause of loss of liveliness in the MGM Grand fire due to smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.Have there been fires in hotels and casinos since the disastrous MGM Grand Fire in 1980? Of hightail it there has. The reason why you may not hear about them as much or there isnt a loss of life is that most fires are confined to a single room and contents fire, and are extinguished before they are allowed to rapidly spread. This is credited in large part to adequate fire sprinkler systems as well as fire resistant construction. A former Las Vegas fire chief stated that because of the fire code changes and additions as a result of previous fire make Las Vegas Hotels some of the safest to stay in. Also, fire departments are adequately trained and prepared to fight fire in these structures through annual high rise firefighting trainings. The MGM Grand Fire on November 21, 1980, made for revisions of fire codes and the additions of new codes, that are still in place today.

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Essay

QUESTIONS1. What additional factors encountered in worldwide as compared with internal financial attention? Discuss each briefly.International financial management is faced with many much than business factors than domestic financial management. For instance, international businesses are required to be given in many diametrical financial aspects around the world. International financial management essential deal with customers, shareholders, vendors, and other businesses across a much wider tabloid than domestic financial managers. Investment decisions regarding international issues may also be greatly affected by the exchange rate, taxes, and arbitrage. It may also be more of a ch in allenge to manage financial records when involved in international mickle. Additional differences include higher rates of return as well as the delight-rate parity theory (IRP).The IRP is the forward premium or discount that should be equal and opposite in size to the difference in the nation al interest rates. The exposure to the decline of foreign currency is also a serious factor regarding international financial management. An additional factor is the fact that many international subsidiaries may choose to work independently instead of for the multi-national company. This would in turn prove disastrous for the entire company. International companies take for much more nettle to funds as they can seek credit and financing in other countries besides their own. Finally, financial managers have the opportunity to base foreign investments.2. What different fonts of businesses operate in the international environment? Why are the techniques and strategies available to these firms different?There are many types of businesses that operate in the international environment. all business which participates in business transactions with other nations are part of the international environment. Any organization that is involved in imports and exports would definitely be invol ved. Aswell, any large firm that communicates daily with dignitaries from other countries would also be involved in the international environment. These techniques and strategies may be different because of these businesses gross domestic product. In addition, these organizations advancements in technology, intimacy, and communication may lead to higher economic development on that pointfore, the opportunity to participate in international trade and globalization.3. What is meant by arbitrage profits?Arbitrage profits involve investments with little to no risk. An investor makes arbitrage profits by buying in maven food market with cheap currency, and then selling in other(prenominal) market. This strategy does not involve an investment of funds or any risk bearing. However, the investor would still make a sure profit.4. What are the markets and mechanics involved in generating (a) simple arbitrage profitsSimple arbitrage involves two or more markets. This type of trading does not include exchange rates across all markets with a single currency. Instead, simple arbitrage is taking advantage of the differences in determine regarding one asset.(b) and triangular arbitrage profits?Triangular arbitrage is the process of converting one kind of currency to another, then converting it to another currency, and the finally converting back to the maestro currency. Triangular arbitrage normally occurs within a short time frame. Traders involved in triangular arbitrage would have to have advanced equipment and k promptlyledge in order to effectively and quickly take advantage of this kind of trading.ReferencesKeown, A., Martin, J., Petty J., & Scott, D. (2005). Financial Management Principles andApplications. Prentice Hall, Inc.Patton-Fuller Community HospitalOrganizations are invariably looking for newfound counsels to grow. A part of this includes budgeting and forecasting which prepares a corpo dimensionn for its future endeavors. Corporations explore options for growth and Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has discovered terce options for blasting their operations. (Apollo Group, Inc., 2010). These three options include going universe through an Initial Public Offering, acquiring another organization in the healthcare attention, and merging with another organization. This demonstrate will provide the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and terrors of the three options Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has.Going normal through an Initial Public Offering ( initial public offering) has its advantages. For instance, creating currency that can be utilise to fund growth and generating liquidity for founders, investors and employees, among others (Benton, 2005). When an organization goes public the largest concern is creating shareholder wealth therefore, choosing an IPO provides the funds necessary to increase shareholder wealth.However, acquiring another organization in the healthcare industry may strengthen Patton-Fuller to increas e the firms assets. According to Patton-Fullers 2008 financial statement (Apollo Group, Inc., 2010), the current ratio is 5.41 indicating that Patton-Fuller has $5.41 in current assets for every $1 in current liabilities. The healthcare industry is a costly business therefore this ratio could use improvement. concourse Patton-Fuller with another organization provides benefits that this hospital lacks. Patton-Fuller is current working on remodeling the hospital waiting area and has recently solved an issue with the nursing staff. Merging with another organization could provide the assistance this hospitalrequires in the sense of meeting its long-term goals as well as increasing its operating income return on investment which is currently at 12.3%.We will examine the weaknesses of the three expansion options. There are many injustices of going public through an IPO. The major disfavour of going IPO is the cost and time involved in the transformation. Managers of top business people grow exhausted from dealing with attorneys, bankers, investors, accountants, etc. Another disadvantage is going public gets very expensive. Fees are paid out for various things and to various people. Losing confidentiality, flexibility, and control is another disadvantage. The SEC requires that all public organizations release reading about public affairs, profits, etc. Patton-Fuller has to shape if giving up their freedom is the direction they want to gear toward.Acquiring another organization in the equivalent industry can have its disadvantages. One major disadvantage is the industry being getd having financial problems. This kind of organization is not worth(predicate) the investment. The price to purchase may be a in effect(p) cost for a bad reason. Cost characteristics can be another issue. Competitive problems are another issue. Everyone is trying to go after the equivalent business. Some organization or cut throat concerning competition. If Patton-Fuller takes this route, they need to make sure the industry being purchase is worth the investment. They do not need their investment to work for them.Merging with another organization another organization could definitely bring on some challenges. When merging, votes must be approved by the stockholders. Stockholders play a big role in businesses merging. Obtaining the votes can be time consuming. Trying to get at least two-thirds or more votes is a task. There could also be conflict of objective surrounded by the two businesses. This could be a huge problem. When the two businesses do not see eye to eye, this can cause disruption within the organization. Then there is always the notion of a business becoming excessively large. When a merging business becomes too large to quick, this leads to higher costs. When merging, Patton-Fuller need to do their research about the business they want to merger with. Merging with the awry(p) organization could be a risky task.Patton-Fuller needs to do their r esearch and weigh their options about all three expansion options. Patton-Fuller need to think long-term and what would be beneficial to the hospital long-term.The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has been serving its local community since 1975 however the executives at the hospital now believe it is time expand from being a privately and have three options for expansion going public through an IPO, acquiring another organization in the healthcare industry or merging with another organization. Opportunities of each approach that could benefit the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital will be determined and discussed.When a privately held coming goes public, it usually sum that the company is selling shares of its stock for the first time to the public. This means that a once privately held company now is owned by public stockholders. The change of going from a privately held company to a publicly held company would require a lot of changes to the hospital more than likely there would be a change in management and a loss of flexibility. However, going public through an IPO may be the only way the hospital would be able to continue to grow and expand.For any business, going public requires a lot of time and resources to ensure that the process happens smoothly. It is often believed that a company should look for other alternatives such as securing venture capital, forming a limited partnership or examine their current capital before committing to an IPO solution for expansion.Acquiring another healthcare company could be a consideration acquisitions occur when two similar companies combine to form a new company altogether. The buyer of the other company takes control of the company because it is buying its shares this means that the company the purchases the other company has full control over its assets and assumes all liabilities from the company that is being purchased. Acquiring another company within the healthcare industry would spare the Patton-Fuller Hospit al to expand within the community. While acquisitions occur when one company buys another company and establishes itself as the owner of bothcompanies, a merger is the result of two companies that agree to move forward together barely continue to be owned and operated separately. Merging is often a good idea for a lot of companies because it allows companies to join together for both organizations best interests to occur. Mergers allow businesses to dominate within their industries but allow them to each be individually owned and operated.There are threats associated with going public through an IPO. One threat is that there is a loss of control. If Wall Street analysts dont like the way the company is being run, your stock price may suffer, which means hard work has gone to waste. The board of directors may not like the job youre doing, so your job is in jeopardy. And, of course, the shareholders may vote reprobate to your opinion, which could significantly affect your life, expl ains Harry S. Raphael, partner of Raphael and Raphael, LLP, a Boston-based full-service accounting and business consulting firm. The threat of losing control of an organization will run the risk of losing the organization.Also, Public companies have a greater accountability for their actions and must also meet stringent requirements from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that cause innumerable distractions to the management team. At the same time, buckram growth is expected on a quarter-by-quarter basis. If the expectations are not met, there is a chance of the company not being financed by lenders and therefore causing the company to go bankrupt.Lastly, going IPO presents a different kind of communication channel, both internal and external, which must be created and maintained. Much of this burden go on the chief financial officer (CFO), but investor and public relations firms play significant roles in the operation and daily life of a public company, as well. Such co mmunications practices for public companies or those entrenched in the IPO process can be critical (Hell No We Wont IPO, 2010).The thought of purchasing an ongoing business would appear to be a good idea however, there are possible issues to consider there is an existentreputation, customer base, suppliers, equipment, leases and cash flow. The infrastructure and management team are also in place. These facts will make it difficult for the business to soar if all mentioned is ostracize instead of positive. There is the possibility of the seller backing out just you get ready to sign the deal due to emotional attachments to the business. Their products may be inadequate and/or defective. The inventory is old and outdated. The business is on a downswing and experiencing a negative cash flow. Overall, it is difficult to find one good feature about the business, except the sales price. When this situation occurs, it is easier to start a new venture than purchase an old one (AllBusines s, 2010).Merging with another business, of the same kind, is also an option. However, there are threats to consider. The cooperation of the target firm existing management is almost a necessity for a merger. This cooperation may not be easily or cheaply obtained. Moreover, the diseconomies of scale if business become too large which leads to higher unit costs. Its also will create clashes of culture between different types of business. Thus this reduces the effectiveness of the integration. Merger also may be creating a conflict of objective between different businesses, meaning decisions are more difficult to make and causing disruption in running of the business. It also results dissatisfaction among current staffs as positions will be limited and the management have to decide which staffs to hold the position after the transaction has taken place (William, 2008).Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is a privately owned and has many options on how they can expand. Patton-Fuller now k nows the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the three expansion options. They have to determine what approach would best facilitate the hospital needs.ReferencesAllBusiness. Retrieved October 11, 2010 from http// Group, Inc. (2010). Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. Retrieved on October 09, 2010, from https//, G. L. (2005). The Advantages and Disadvantages of Going Public. .IPO Planner, Guide and vision Directory for Companies Going Public. Pillsbury Winthrop LLP. Retrieved on October 09, 2010, from http// No We Wont IPO, 2010. Retrieved October 11, 2010 from http//, Peter The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mergers, November 15, 2008. RetrievedOctober 11, 2010 fromhttp//www.associate

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African Americans in the Civil War Essay

The case African Americans played in the outcome, and the road to the outcome of the civilian fight was immense. The fact that the south had slaves and the north did not played an enormous role in the issues. The north wanted to abolish slavery, and the south did not and after the struggle started this became one of the main reasons for the Civil contend. Since most African Americans could not read or write, this do them an easy target, for slavery, against the dominant white man. Once the slaves got to America they started to make how much trouble they were actu solelyy in.The north and the south had a problem brewing, and that was due to the slave uprisings and the run a ways. African Americans played an enormous role in the outcome of the Civil War because of the part they took in it. The civil war, which took place from 1861 to the 1920s, the African American community made tremendous strides toward them becoming isolated of America and equals in America. Since they had been controlled by the power of the whites for so long, their independence was extremely unfamiliar to them, with their new emancipation.Since they were so uncertain, they debated about the most effect way to go about actually receiving the rights they deserved. They did not just want to be inferior Negros. Some African Americans thought the actual approach would be to go on with the submissive status the whites held them to, so they could earn their respect until fairness pervaded. Others were more wishful with their thinking and thought the military would make whites surrender and give blacks their canonical rights. Those who were still they are thought that no progress would ever come.These blacks decided that it was essential to escape the shackles and cruel attitudes toward blacks. The civil war initially began to save the Union. At the start of the war slave masters were terribly scared that the slaves would run to join the Union and inspection and repair the war efforts. T o subsidize the problem, most owner en strained harsh restrictions on their slaves. Some owners plane moved their whole plantations inland to avoid any contact with the outside northerners. This did not stop the slaves one man though, this just caused more slave to flee to the north. The slaves that did decide to stay just demanded more freedom from their masters.Some would say the ones that stayed even gained more power this forced their masters to give them offerings in exchange for bunk. The issues of emancipation and military service were intertwined from almost the beginning of the war. News from Fort Sumter made African Americans rush to betroth in military units. They were all turned away since there was a law dating from 1792 that unbroken African Americans from joining the U. S. army. In Boston defeated African Americans met and passed a resolution that requested the Government to modify its laws to permit them to enlist. Then Lincolns Second Confiscation Act was pas sed.The act stated that, Confederates who did not surrender with in sixty days of the acts passage were to be punished by having their slaves freed. The Militia Act was also passed. This act stated African Americans were allowed to fight in the war. These two acts together thoroughly punished rebel slaveholders. The African Americans that enlisted both fought in the front lines and worked behind the scenes crowd jobs. All these rights that the African Americans were receiving inspired them to return home and free their families and friends. Some of them even started living in the plantations that they used to be slaves of.They took them over and began their own cropping. Some of the other plantations had been left(a) to older disabled white woman, when the men had left for the Confederate army. All of this led to the separation of slave labor in the south After difficult terribly hard to keep the issue of slavery out of the war, the North decided to start enlisting African Ameri cans to help them fight in the war. The Fifty-Fourth command was created by the Union Army, and was the only all black unit. This Union in particular contri provideded to the war efforts of the North and showed a new found power among blacks.The control started when John Andrew sent a request to the secretary of war, Edwin Stanton, to create a volunteer regiment of African Americans (3). African Americans from all over the country joined. To help recruit even further they called for help from African American leaders like, Frederick Douglas and William Wells Brown. In just two months over one megabyte African Americans, one from at least every state, had enlisted in the regiment. The leader of the regiment would not be black though, they wanted the superior officer to have few certain credentials.The job description posted read Young Man of Military Experience Of firm antislavery principles, ambitious, Superior to the vulgar contempt of color Having assent in the capacity of co lored men for military purpose (2) The man picked for the job was Robert Shaw. The African American regiment and their captain set off for Beaufort, sulphur Carolina on May 28, 1863 (1). They were to attack Fort Wagner, which was a vital key to Charleston. They only way to storm the fort was to go through tons and loads of Confederates. The sheer size of the Confederates to the Fifty- Fourth regiment was an obstacle in itself.The regiment knew the amount of obstacles they would have to overcome to achieve a victory and yet they kept marching. Shaw and a few men marched to the top of the parapet, and there Shaw was shot and killed. Though this was almost a complete disaster for the regiment they had set a thoroughfare for future African American soldiers. Frederick Douglas said, Once let the black man get upon his person the brass letter, U. S. , let him get an eagle on his button, and a musket on his shoulder and bullets in his pocket, there is no power on earth that can deny tha t he has earned the right to citizenship. One thousand seventy-nine African Americans had served in the Civil War. They served in both the U. S. Army and about two thousand served in the Navy. By the time the war was over, xl thousand had died in battle and thirty thousand had died of disease and infection. African American soldiers performed all the jobs needed to run an army. They also served as carpenters, chaplains, cooks, guards, laborers, nurses, scouts, spies, steamboat pilots, surgeons, and teamsters (4). There were close 80 black commissioned officers (4). Harriet Tubman was the most famous spy she served for the 2nd South Carolina Volunteers.Tubman decided to help the Union Army because she wanted freedom for all of the people who were forced into slavery, not just the few she could help by herself. And she convinced many other brave African Americans to join her as spies, even at the risk of being hanged if they were caught (4). Among Harriet Tubman were many other Afri can American women who served as nurses, spies and scouts. Although, no women were allowed to formally join the army. When black troops were captured by the cooperator soldiers, they faced harsher punishments than the white troops.In 1863 the Confederate Congress threatened to punish officers of African American troops and enslave the African Americans, if they were captured. As a forget of this, President Lincoln issued General Order 233, which threatened payback on Confederate prisoners of war, if they mistreated African American troops. This order did scare the Confederates a little, but African American soldiers were still treated harsher than whites. In one of the worst examples of this abuse, Confederate soldiers shot to death black Union soldiers, captures at Fort Pillow, TN, in 1864().Confederate General Nathan B. Forrest witnessed it all and did nothing to stop it. The President, Abraham Lincoln, issued the liberty Proclamation on January 1, 1863. This proclamation eventu ally led to the freedom of all slaves. The document formally made free all bondsmen in the areas of the Confederacy that were still in rebellion. Slavery although was not abolished in the Border States, Tennessee, or the Union occupied areas of lanthanum and Virginia. The proclamation only affected the states in rebellion, so after the efforts it didnt actually free any slaves.On the other hand, it did strengthen the Northern war efforts, because they knew they were competitiveness for a cause. Over five hundred thousand slaves had escaped to the North by the end of the civil war. Many of the escapees joined the Union Army, which staggeringly increased its power. As a result of the license Proclamation, the thirteenth Amendment was created. The Amendment created on December 18, 1865, legally freed all slaves still in bondage. The final step the Emancipation Proclamation was to depress England and France from arriving to the war on the side of the South.England and France wanted t o enter the war on the South side, because the South had supplied them both with cotton and tobacco. England and Frances stance changed when they hear that the war had changed to a fight over slavery. Both nations were opposed to slavery, so ended up giving their support to the Union. That led to the winning of the fight for freedom. Juneteenth was the day created to celebrate the emancipation, when the slaves heard about it that midsummer. The holiday is still celebrated today. Abraham Lincoln said, A house divided against itself cannot stand.I believe this government cannot endure for good half-slave and half-free. I do not calculate the Union to be dissolved. I do not expect the house to fall, but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. (3) African Americans along with the rest of the Union were fighting for this freedom and equality that Abraham Lincoln, was talking about. African American contributions were not limited to the ro le of working the fields in the south or supplying labor for industry in the north.Many African Americans in both south and north participated in either direct or supporting roles in the military. The War Between the States proved to be a war fought for democracy. The liberation that the slaves had been waiting for, recovered the ideas that founded the United States of America. All men were equal under the law. Since, the African Americans made such a persistent effort the changes were made more quickly. Africans pushed for their own emancipation by resisting their masters and other labor tasks.Although a formal Emancipation Proclamation and Thirteenth Amendment freed blacks in America, it would be a long time before they received all the rights they deserved. The minds of Americans had been so engrained with racism only decades of hard work would lessen this. Works Cited 1) Freeman, Elsie, Wynell Burroughs Schamel, and Jean West.The Fight for Equal Rights A Recruiting Poster for Bl ack Soldiers in the Civil War. Social Education 56, 2 (February 1992) 118-120. 2) Blacks in the Civil War. . Colorado College. Web. 3 Mar 2013.

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The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Chapters 4

He frowned a little. Whats veridical y going on. What Rileys up to. why he keeps bringing the most random kids to her. Why it doesnt seem to matter to Riley if its someone like you or if its someone like that idiot Kevin.It sounded like he didnt know Riley any better than I did.What do you mean, someone like me? I submited.Youre the kind that Riley should be looking for the smart ones non unspoilt these stupid gang-bangers that Raoul keeps bringing in. I bet you werent some nut ho when you were human.I shifted uneasily at the last word. Diego kept waiting for my answer, like he hadnt said anything weird. I took a deep breath and aspect binding.I was finishing enough, I admitted after a few seconds of his patient watching. Not there yet, solely in a few more weeks I shrugged. You know, I dont remember much, but I do remember opinion there was nothing more powerful on this planet than just study old hunger. Turns out, thirst is worst.He laughed. Sing it, sister.What virtua lly you? You werent a troubled teen runa instruction like the rest of us?Oh, I was troubled, al right. He stopped talking. But I could sit around and wait for the answers to inappropriate questions, too. I just stared at him. He sighed. The scent of his breath was nice. Everybody smel ed sweet, but Diego had a little something extra some spice like cinnamon or cloves.I tried to stay away from al that junk. Studied hard. I was gonna get out of the ghetto, you know. Go to col ege. Make something of myself. But there was a goof not much different than Raoul. Join or die, that was his motto. I wasnt having any, so I stayed away from his group. I was careful. Stayed alive. He stopped, closing his eyes.I wasnt done being pushy. And?My kid brother wasnt as careful.I was about to ask if his brother had joined or died, but the expression on his face made asking unnecessary. I looked away, not for sure how to respond. I couldnt real y understand his loss, the pain it stil clearly caused h im to feel. I hadnt left anything behind that I stil missed. Was that the difference? Was that why he dwel ed on memories that the rest of us shunned?I stil didnt see how Riley came into this. Riley and the cheeseburger of pain. I wanted that part of the story, but now I felt bad for pushing him to answer.Lucky for my curiosity, Diego kept going after a minute.I kind of lost it. Stole a gun from a friend and went hunting.He chuckled darkly. Wasnt as good at it and then. But I got the guy that got my brother in front they got me. The rest of his crew had me cornered in an al ey. Then, suddenly, Riley was there, between me and them. I remember thinking he was the whitest guy Id invariably so seen. He didnt even look at the others when they shot him. Like the bul ets were flies. You know what he said to me? He said, Want a new life, kid?Hah I laughed. Thats way better than mine. Al I got was,Want a burger, kid?I stil remembered how Rileyd looked that night, though the image was al blurry because my eyesd sucked back then. He was the hottest boy Id ever seen, tal and blond and perfect, every feature. I knew his eyes must be just as beautiful behind the dark sunglasses he never took off. And his articulate was so gentle, so kind. I figured I knew what he would want in exchange for the meal, and I would eat given it to him, too. Not because he was so beautiful to look at, but because I hadnt eaten anything but trash for two weeks. It turned out he wanted something else, though.Diego laughed at the burger line. You must have been pretty hungry.Damn straight.So why were you so hungry?Because I was stupid and ran away before I had a drivers license. I couldnt get a real job, and I was a bad thief.What were you running from?I hesitated. The memories were a little more clear as I focused on them, and I wasnt sure I wanted that.Oh, cmon, he coaxed. I told you mine.Yeah, you did. Okay. I was running from my dad. He used to knock me around a lot. Probably did the sam e to my mom before she took off. I was pretty little then I didnt know much. It got worse. I figured if I waited too long Id end up dead. He told me if I ever ran away Id starve. He was right about that only thing he was ever right about as far as Im concerned. I dont think about it much.Diego nodded in agreement. Hard to remember that stuff, isnt it? Everythings so fuzzy and dark.Like trying to see with mud in your eyes.Good way to throw off it, he complimented me. He squinted at me like he was trying to see, and rubbed his eyes. We laughed together again. Weird.I dont think Ive laughed with anybody since I met Riley, he said, echoing my thoughts. This is nice. Youre nice. Not like the others. You ever try to have a conversation with one of them?Nope, I havent.Youre not missing anything. Which is my point. Wouldnt Rileys standard of living be a little higher if he surrounded himself with decent vampires? If were supposed to protect her, shouldnt he be looking for the smart ones? So Riley doesnt study brains, I reasoned. He needs numbers.Diego pursed his lips, considering. Like chess. Hes not making knights and bishops.Were just pawns, I realized.We stared at each other again for a long minute.I dont want to think that, Diego said.So what do we do? I asked, using the plural automatical y. Like we were already a team.He thought about my question for a second, seeming uneasy, and I regretted the we. But then he said, What can we do when we dont know whats happening?So he didnt mind the team thing, which made me feel real y good in a way I didnt remember ever feeling before. I guess we keep our eyes open, pay attention, try to figure it out.He nodded. We need to think about everything Rileys told us, everything hes done. He paused thoughtful y. You know, I tried to hash some of this out with Riley once, but he couldnt have cared less. Told me to keep my mind on more important things like thirst. Which was al I could think about then, of course. He sent me out hunting, and I stopped worrying.I watched him thinking about Riley, his eyes unfocused as he relived the memory, and I wondered. Diego was my first friend in this life, but I wasnt his.Suddenly his focus snapped back to me. So what have we learned from Riley?I concentrated, running through the last three months in my head. He real y doesnt tel us much, you know. Just the vampire basics.Wel have to listen more careful y.We sat in silence, pondering this. I mostly thought about how much I didnt know. And why hadnt I unhappy about everything I didnt know before now? It was like talking to Diego had cleared my head. For the first time in three months, blood was not the principal(prenominal) thing in there.The silence lasted for a while. The black hole Id felt funneling fresh air into the cave wasnt black anymore. It was dark gray now and get infinitesimal y lighter with each second. Diego noticed me eyeing it nervously.Dont worry, he said. Some dim light gets in here on sunny days. It doesnt hurt. He shrugged.I scooted closer to the hole in the floor, where the water was disappearing as the tide went out.Seriously, Bree. Ive been down here before during the day. I told Riley about this cave and how it was mostly fil ed with water, and he said it was cool when I needed to get out of the madhouse. Anyway, do I look like I got singed?I hesitated, thinking about how different his relationship with Riley was than mine. His eyebrows rose, waiting for an answer.No, I final y said. ButLook, he said impatiently. He crawled swiftly to the tunnel and stuck his arm in up to the shoulder. Nothing.I nodded once.Relax Do you want me to see how high I can go? As he spoke, he stuck his head into the hole and started climbing.Dont, Diego. He was already out of sight. Im relaxed, I swear.He was laughing it sounded like he was already several yards up the tunnel. I wanted to go after him, to walkover his foot and yank him back, but I was frozen with stress. It would be stupid to risk my life to save some total stranger. But I hadnt had anything close to a friend in forever. Already it would be hard to go back to having no one to talk to, after only one night.No estoy quemando, he cal ed down, his tone teasing.Wait is that? Ow Diego?I leaped across the cave and stuck my head into the tunnel. His face was right there, inches from mine.BooI flinched back from his proximity just a reflex, old habit.Funny, I said dryly, moving away as he slid back into the cave.You need to unwind, girl. Ive looked into this, okay? Indirect sunlight doesnt hurt.So youre state that I could just stand under a nice shady tree and be fine?He hesitated for a minute, as if debating whether or not to tel me something, and then said quietly, I did once.I stared at him, waiting for the grin. Because this was a joke. It didnt come.Riley said, I started, and then my voice trailed off.Yeah, I know what Riley said, he agreed. perchance Riley doesnt know as much as he says he does.But Sh el y and Steve. Doug and Adam. That kid with the bright red hair. Al of them. Theyre gone because they didnt get back in time. Riley saw the ashes.Diegos brows pul ed together unhappily.

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London by William Blake Essay

Question- Identify a poem that makes a social or semipolitical statement. Explain what statement is being made and, with close origins to the text, conk out the literary conventions used to convey the statements. Further, explain how this helps you gain a stronger understanding of the poems main theme(s). I open chosen the poem capital of the United Kingdom by William Blake I will explain how Blake is qualification a social and political statement by addressing the inequality and oppression within the city of capital of the United Kingdom in the late 18th century.I will in like manner examine how the poet manages to convey his opinion through poetic techniques. The poem is set in the metropolis of London during the Industrial revolution, when there was a population explosion in the cities of the UK due to the movement of people from rural areas to urban areas in search of work. The choppy urbanisation in cities such as London put pressure on the standards of living and cause d extreme poverty, people lived in horrific conditions. Due to the paltry sanitation, there was a rapid spread of diseases such as cholera.William points to the corruption within the city of London this poem is a form of social and political protest against the oppressive landlords and authorities of the city. In the first stanza William Blake talks of wandering through the streets that are privately owned, and states even the river Thames is not free from ownership. He is making a social/political comment about the ruling class and how eitherthing that should be free to every citizen in London but has actually been stolen by the ruling class.His sense of inequality and oppression is clear from the very beginning. The repeating of the word chartered emphasises the bureaucracy that William felt was controlling the people of London. He also uses repetition with the word mark when he comments on the effects of this control and oppression has on the ordinary working class people. He states that in every face he sees there is a look of helplessness, and hopelessness for the future, all the people in despair. In the second verse, the poet continues to emphasise the oppression of the people.He uses repetition by emphasizing the word every, he is talking about every member of the population being enslaved by the ruling class and all are sorrowful this creates a feeling of depression on the streets of London. He talks about how minds are being controlled by using a metaphor to long effect The mind-forgd manacles I hear. The image being conveyed is that of a mind being manacled, unable to have hope for the future, and the suppression of thought, suggesting an imprisonment of the mind.Perhaps he felt that people were being socialized into accepting their fate, the authorities would want to supress any sense of rebellion In the third verse Blake make reference to the troth and exploitation of child workers, in this case Chimney sweeps. Child labour was cheap, but fa milies relied on their meagre wages to survive. The children had to work long hours, in very harsh and dangerous environments.William Blake is appalled about how church and the palace sits back and does nothing to ease the plight of the destitute. Every blackning Church appals and the woeful Soldiers sigh Runs in blood down Palace walls The reference to soldiers sigh represents men having to serve their country for a cause they do not agree with but feel they have no choice. Blake is appointing blame to these institutions that are supposedly meant to care and offer hope to people, until now there is no help forthcoming. His imagery creates a picture of a deep mourning within society. In the final stanza, he draws attention to the plight of the young prostitute on the dark night streets.When in a time of harsh economic trouble young women may have had no choice but to turn to prostitution. Blake is drawing attention to the young women who are also victims of exploitation. Blasts th e new-born Infants tear and blights with plagues the Marriage hearse. These women not but push aside their offspring but insult, damage, denigrate their children we might think this is because of how these babies are got, or the circumstances of life but the poet makes no mention or understanding, noting again, only the forbid appearance, in a most unpleasant, off putting, unsympathetic way.Marriage is a hearse as opposed to a joyful partnership, marriages are killed or destroy those within it and this is linked to the presence of young prostitutes who are either victims of, or the cause of we cannot know further, because the poet walks on, breaking off communication with us and leaving us with only this singularly dark impression. One clue is the use of the word plague.The prevalence of what we would refer to as STDs a real plague in Victorian London, where the availability of prostitutes, lack of birth control and social attitudes meant that uncounted numbers of men broug ht an invisible virus home to the marriage bed. This must have had a debilitating, frightening impact on many of the population. The resultant levels of sickness among middle class and no doubt other women terribly deformed and blind children, and all because of a topic that would affect almost every family but which was not discussed.Williams political views are clear throughout, his distrust of authority, and his hatred of the incarceration of society. He projects this through his dark imagery. His language throughout is morose and this sets the scene of a society ridden with poverty, working class people constantly being trod on by the ruling class. His social protest leaves the indorser in do doubt that William detests the inequality and oppression that he sees all around him and also helps the reader to understand how hard it was to live during the industrial revolution unless you were a member of the ruling class.

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Davis’ argument against slavery causing the civil war Essay

As president of the Confederate States of America, I obligate that slavery was not why the South seceded from the Union. We Southerners seceded because the federal government was becoming progressively pro-Northern in its views and imposing on our sovereign rights. Slavery was legal, yet the government threatened this institution and paid increasingly less heed to our rights. Just as the United States broke free from a British crown that overstepped its authority, the Confederacy formed to protect itself against an intrusive government under Northern sway.In addition, I am aware that more of our soldiers were not slaveholders indeed, Southerners did not take up arms in order to defend slavery. Men who loved their homes, valued their freedom, and feared a Northern invasion and imposition on their rights formed the Confederate Army. No Southern soldier as wellk up arms to help a slaveholder many shouldered arms to fend off invasion by a people whose views opposed ours and who tried to coerce us into compliance with their ideals (Wikipedia). We also seceded because we wished to maintain our prosperity, which is a sacred right of Americans.Our economic and social system is the source of our vast wealth, and the Constitution grants us the right to defend it. The federal government favour Northern industry and legislated against us, which would have reduced us to poverty and placed the South in deep economic crisis. Our soil was becoming depleted and our plantations too numerous to be confined to its existing territory, and the federal government insisted on restricting where we could maintain our system, instead of allowing the people to decide (McPherson 78-116).We were not rebels against the federal government, since thither was no concrete law binding us to the Northern states. The United States began as merely an association of sovereign states and the Southern states were not obligated to remain.REFERENCESAnonymous. American Civil War. Wikipedia. 8 Novembe r 2005. . Causes of the Civil War. The American Civil War. 8 November 2005. . McPherson, James. Battle Cry of Freedom. New York Oxford University Press, 1988.

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Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials

ETHICS Is deciding what is unspoiled and doing it ETHICS is equated with * Good disposal It requires us to decide what is good. * normal Service Ethics Requires us to give quality service to the ordinary. * Standards, Rules, Morals ETHICS is the science of human duty. ETHICS OF GOVERNANCE Good Governance is characterized with * Accountability * Transparency * Participation * Non-Discrimination * Responsiveness * Poverty Alleviation (According to UNDP as cited by Carino) * Participation * Rule of Law * Transparency * Responsiveness * Consensus Orientation * legality * Effectiveness and Efficiency * AccountabilityEthical Bases * RULES * RESULTS * RELATIONSHIPS * TRADITION RULES as an Ethical earth We believe in them as coming by divine revelation. With authority or of our community. The utile principle focuses our attention on results or the consequences of our actions. It has been expressed traditionally as Seeking the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number RELATIONSHIPS as a n Ethical Basis Confucius Golden Rule of caring Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you. Jesus Christs expression of LOVE In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you. TRADITION as an Ethical BasisTraditional Ethics the ethics of earlier generations that is based on tradition. It is right to act in certain way because that is what it has always been make. RULES as an Ethical Basis * Section 1, Article XI, 1987 Constitution Public Office is a Public Trust. Public Officials and employees moldiness at all times serve the people with ut closely responsibility, integrity, loyalty and efficiency, act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives. * Section 28, Article II, 1987 Constitution The nominate shall maintain honesty and integrity in the public service and take positive and effective measures against graft and corruption.RA 3019 Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (Anti-Graft Law) Enacted in 1861 Graft is define as the acquisition of gain or receipts by dishonest, unfair or sordid means, especially with the use of ones pose or influence in politics, business, etc. (People vs. Bernales, September 3, 1968) Graft and corruption is an act or omission involving breach of the rules of decency, honesty and efficiency, for the purpose of obtaining undue advantage at the expense of the government-owned resources. In our legal system, graft and corruption is basically a crime. BALDRIAS, Napoleon S. The Legal Implications of Graft and Corruption Corruption is an act done with an intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others. It includes bribery, but it is more comprehensive, because an act may be corruptly done through the advantage to be delivered from it be not offered by another. (Magallanes vs. Provincial Board, 66 O. G. 7839) Corruption is the perversion or destruction of integrity of fidelity in discharging public duties and responsibilities by bribery or favor. It entai ls the use of public power for private advantage in ways which transgresses some formal rule of law. Tendero) RA 6713 enroll of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees signed into law by then President Corazon C. Aquino on February 20, 1989 RA 6713 Rule X. Grounds For Administrative Disciplinary save Directly or indirectly having financial and material take in both transaction requiring the approval of his office. Owning, controlling, managing or accepting employment as officer, employee, consultant, counsel, broker, agent, trustee, or nominee in each private enterprise regulated, supervised or licensed by his office, unless expressly allowed by law.Engaging in the private practice of his duty unless authorized by the Constitution, law or regulation, provided that such practice will not conflict or tend to conflict with his officials functions. Recommending any person to any position in a private enterprise which has a regular or pending official trans action with his office. Soliciting or accepting, directly or indirectly, any gift, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan or anything of monetary value which in the course of his official duties or in connection with any operation being regulated by, or any transaction which may be affected by the function of his office.Unfair discrimination in rendering public service due to party affiliation. Disloyalty to the majority rule of the Philippines and to the Filipino people. disaster to act promptly on letters and requests inside 15 working days from receipt, except as otherwise provided in these Rules. Failure to attend to anyone who wants to avail himself of the services of the office or to act promptly and expeditiously on public personal transactions. Failure to file sworn statements of assets, liabilities and networth, and disclosure of business use ups and financial connections.RA 9485 Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 signed into law by Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on June 02, 2007 V iolations Refusal to accept diligence and/or request within the prescribed expiration or any document being submitted by a client. Failure to act on an application and/or request or failure to describe back to the client a request which cannot be acted upon due to lack of requirement/s within the prescribed hitch. Failure to attend to clients who are within the premises of the office or agency concerned prior to the end of official working hours and during lunch break.Failure to render frontline services within the prescribed period on any application and/or request without due cause. Failure to give the client a written notice on the disapproval of an application or requests. Imposition of additional irrelevant requirements other listed in the first notice. Grave Offense Fixing and/or collusion with fixers in consideration of economical and/or other gain or advantage. Rule X. Grounds For Administrative Disciplinary Action * Directly or indirectly having financial and material interest in any transaction requiring the approval of his office.RED TAPE Inaction/No Action Slow Action Inappropriate/Wrong Action Inadequate/ meagre Action Services that are Not delivered Mis delivered * Under delivered * Poorly delivered UNLAWFUL ACTS RA 3019 * Graft and Corruption * Malversation RA 6713 * Pecuniary interest * Conflict of interest * Nepotism * Not all things that are Legal are Moral * UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR is not necessarily illegal but nevertheless is contrary to what is RIGHT and doing WHAT IS NOT RIGHT. * Unethical Behavior * Yields Adverse Results * Violates the Norms of Relationships and Traditions Disservice to the Government and the People * Bad Image of the Government DI BAWAL, PERO DI DAPAT PADRINO SYSTEM KAMAG-ANAK SYSTEM WASTAGE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Engaging in group discussion while clients are kept waiting Telebabad Too Much Texting During Office Hours Reading newspaper during office hours LOAFING Improper or Inappropriate Attire CLOCK-WATC HING EXTENDED BREAK GOING OUT OF THE OFFICE WITHOUT PERMISSION Dehumanizing Situations Rob a person of his/her dignity. Diminish his/her worth as a person. Destroy his/her total being. Its the CHOICES that make us who we are. And we can always choose to do whats right. Peter Parker Spiderman 3 Every officials of the government, even the most modest, has a job to perform and is as much in duty bound to perform that job well as those occupying higher positions. In our causal agency to give the people the best government that there is, we have to have everybody do his job, including the Clerk, the policeman everybody in the service. Everyone of them should do his best because a government cannot be a government of higher officials only. Pres. Manuel L. Quezon

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Consolidated Life Case-Business Ethics Essay

Consolidated life is a prestigious damages company however, due to the nature of the establishment the duties required by the worker neither required marginal k outrightledge nor did you have to have a high level education in order to drive a repose at the company. Mr. mike Wilson however, obtained a business degree in administration. He was employ by Consolidated Life as simply as you push aside dictate a clerical worker. He worked in the policy issue department which main duties included processing or in taking clients orders for insurance, customer service, and client services.One would say that working for them your performance required little to no creativity. It was the same day-to-day work load. Because it required so little creativity, daily routines were repetitive and wad be foole basically, with your hands tied to you back. mike Wilson demonstrated how an effective a leader can be in the workforce or else than just a manager by title. He envisioned in existenc e of high fidelity which is the best experience you can have in a workplace.In the book Trade Off, by Author Kevin Maney, the word fidelity deals with the total experience of something (Maney, 2009). The antecedent also says that aura can also provides an advantage to fidelity. With that creation said Mr. Wilson influenced his co-workers with providing them with incentives and final payments in which they can piss a reward at the end of the task but most importantly he provided the adept tools and motivations in order for his employees to work in a positive mind frame.This created a system of shared bipartisanship between supervisory program and employee. Model based on the Organizational Model Behavior mikes drive and motivation can be comparable to a someone with possible action y attributes. The theory Y concept displays how an employees work is as natural as play. too a person with this characteristic has a huge sense of self-direction and self-control. Mr. Wilson show ed this by cultivating a advanced(a) way technique that motivated its workers rather than coerced them which a person who you can place in this.Whereas, a person with the characteristics of theory x carries the opposite attractions. The individual is not seen as enthusiastic about their job. They are principally threatened or told do it or else and as stated before, lack the ability and drive to overachieve. They unremarkably follow the motto, overpromise-under deliver. Mikes performance ultimately won him a promotion working in the supervisory naming area. He won this promotion just six weeks after promise. Mike brought a sense of modern culture although it was seen as unorthodox or non-traditional.When comparing the delegation of permit in the levels of management the face organize cl early(a) shows that the establishment followed an authority oriented program in which Presidents are first to relieve oneself decisions for the overall vision for the company in which it t hen trickles down to the VP who implements the Presidents strategy by orchestrating a staff of supervisors to oversee the execution. Situation There seems to be a drastic change to the divergence in which Mike supervised some time ago.When Mike realized his unhappiness at his pertly variableness he sought a remedy for disaster by returning to his old office forcing him under young terms and most importantly, a new boss. The performance value of his once over exceeding staff was now dwindled and unmotivated. The new way in which they worked became stricter and more inflexible. It was stale and there was no aura of high fidelity being promoted. Problems The problem of this case has to do with mis-delegation of roles and mis-clarification for all parties. Not withdraw that, the fact is the company as a whole has not identified its mission statement for their employees.With that being said the transition from the time Mike odd became a tragedy. As stated before, the culture of t he environs was slated after Mike left. It became from being a collegial environment to an commanding environment once new vice president jacklight Greely took over. Not only did he change the environment of the company, he basically dismantled the structure and rebuilt it based on his power. Until Mike was promoted the managerial style approach was not identified and supervisors, at this early time wanted a change and thats why Mike was chosen to become supervisor.However, when dirt took Mikes former supervisors place, the organization became, autocratic. An autocratic person can be defined as an employee that is dependent tot tally on a supervisor. This person has no other desire than to do what is only required out of the task and only the minimum. Usually in an autocratic pose the boss expects pure obedience from their employees and rely straight on authority from higher ups with no regard to any self-drive for themselves and lacks the qualities and abilities to take on ini tiatives and providing an entrepreneurial attitude about themselves.This can be explained by using the Abraham Maslows Theory found in an essay article written by Janet Simmons, Donald Irvin, and Beverly Drinnien which it states he says accordingly that the only reason that people would not move well in direction of self-actualization is because of hindrances placed in their way by society (Janet A. Simons, 1987). Also saying We must see that the persons basic of necessity are satisfied. This includes safety, belongingness, and esteem needs (Janet A. Simons, 1987)A person in the Consolidated Life organization that can be also skewed towards the autocratic style is Mr.Rick Belkner. Mikes former boss. This, for lack of a better term, lazy supervisor (whom he was Mikes supervisor initially) illustrated as a person who rather do crossword puzzles during his work shift then to lead by example, what a competent Vice President of their division shy 40,000 of a six-figure salary. The point was clearly made by Mr. Greely when he assumed that Mikes management style would still be undermined no matter how good of his performance. He even went to the consequence of assuring that Mr. Wilson will fail no matter how high you move up in the establishment. It is or so agreeable to say that Mr.Speelys choose of words were not only rude but shows a poor and ineffective leader. Mr. Greely does not seem to be results-driven but ego-driven as his defense for Mikes work style was inarguable and measured his own assumption to Mikes performance rather than just judging an employee on what he does best, his/her performance. Reading how Mike handled it amazingly enough. In the chart feature on page-You can see simple comparing of the two different types of behavioral patterns by identifying the qualities, organisational and environmental forces that are represented by the 2 behavior patterns.You will see the differences between a workers operating in an autocratic setting versus a pe rson who operates under the collegial or validating setting(s). By identifying the contrast you are able to see what kind of modifications or structures that would have to be put in place based on a employees attitude. The attitude in which comes from probably stems from in-person goal, motivations, or self desires a person may have in their work space. Some individuals dont possess the willingness to achieve and be a leader.Some individual are quite knowing with just being an average worker and moving up in the corporate latter is something that does not motivate them. Autocratic Environment Vs. Collegial /System Environment Base Questions for Case 1. Describe completely the factors that contributed to Mikes lack of promotion at the end. Was his lack of promotion fair? When Mike left the division, he left the process in which he created, to be altered by the new president upon his departure. The flexible leadership that led to the team success came to a halt when divisional vic e president, Jack Greely whos reputation was described as tough but fair.Mike accepted the position at the old division again without really investigating the provisions in which he was now to work under. He loss total control when he noticed that co-workers were actually more be given to follow Mr. Greelys direction because the employees knew the order of hierarchy and knew the consequences of action should one follow anyones demands except for Mr. Greelys. 2. Using your knowledge of culture, explain in detail Consolidated Lifes culture when Mike was first hired and then when he returned.There was a transition in the organization which turn out to have opportunities due to the position void. Such example shows that Mike (when he was first hired by Consolidated Life) he was promoted to his position because of the opportunities of change. Mikes style was not really favored by his higher-ups but because he manages to increase workflow and reduce errors, which created more performanc e his flexible style was absolve which sends a sign of inconsistency. If you are going to allow a manager to take over the project then let them take over.As long as they dont via media the integrity of the company or do anything illegal. 3. What actions could Consolidated Life have taken to prevent Mikes problems? There should have been more flexibility granted for Mike to effectively coordinate his team. Mr. Wilsons track record clearly shows that as a supervisor he is competent to make educate decisions and lead a staff with ease. An employee is always happy when they are not pressured nor stressed. Most important of all, when a leader shows reciprocity, more than likely there would be a win-win.For Example, Mikes strategy to reward his co-workers in exchange for hard work showed the worker was not working out of vain and in fact he/she was being acknowledged and rewarded for the hard efforts being put forth. 4. Who do you think was at fault for Mikes problems, Mike or his sup ervisors (e. g. , Jack) or others? Completely justify your opinion. The fault of Mike problems was his free spirited style which usually offends conservatives. Jack implemented a corporate style setting upon Mikes return.

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Brand ‘You’

Every somebody in this world has some abilities which make him eccentric and make him distinguishable from everyone else. Thats the main imagination behind brand You. I withstand some abilities which make me different and add to my harbor in the market. This feature of distinctiveness is observed by many HRDs when they induct fresh workforce from the market. thither are so many ways to promote oneself and thats how the demand for brand You builds up in the market. In order to promote oneself, first step is to analyze ones abilities and capabilities.This can be done by regular sessions of intra-personal communication. A person should know what he is replete(p) at and he should list down his unique features and ponder over them once in a while. For example, I have good communication skills, therefore I would capitalize on this particular skill of mine. Similarly if I am good at teaching, I would publicize teaching as my special feature. If I am good at communication skills, I woul d take part in discussions. If I am good at influencing people around me, I would promote my leadership skills.These qualities can be found turn up by ones self-feedback and the results obtained from self-feedback should be compared to the actual prospective outcome to keep at a check at reality. If you dont take control of your brand, youll be forever stuck with how the world judges you (Brandy, 2007). Knowing nigh oneself is the key to success in brand You. A brand is always unique because of its style, its organizational culture, its enrollment with its environment.Same applies to brand You, a person should have a unique style of his own, he should have his unique ways of carrying out his work and he should commensurate with the external environment as well. To increase the value of my brand You, I would analyze my abilities, publicize my unique capabilities and capitalize on it. This is how I will render my own position in the market. References Brandy, D. (2007). Creating B rand You. Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved August 22, 2010 from http//www. businessweek. com/magazine/content/07_34/b4047419. htm

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Achilles in “The Iliad” Essay

The heavy of the Trojan War within the confines of the Iliad goes above and beyond great lengths to describe and portray many a nonher(prenominal) key players but a lot of the main taper was on that of whos considered to be unmatched of the greatest warriors who has ever lived. This warrior goes by the name of Achilles. The main logic and reasoning behind this key focus is to make sure that readers of the literature have a detailed description, physical or mental implanted into their brain so they can relate, regardless if the actions are positive and or negative. It gives the reader the chance to muck up themselves into the character like if they were at war fighting for what they believe in or what they were told to do. In the blood line kors depiction of Achilles leads one to believe that he is a big bad solid ass that strikes fear in the hearts of many. Yes this is true but as the story unfolds, he is not only this cold blooded warrior, but one that has emotions and show s them. A prime example of his feelings sexual climax place is when he learns of his beloved friends Patroclus death. With him actu everyy showing emotions, in contrast to the other warriors this made him well rounded.Homer starts out with a quick description of Achilles stating how hes half man half god. This is all thanks to his mother for taking the correct measures and precautions when he was just a baby. By doing this she created a passing human warrior of sorts without really even knowing Achilles possesses super human strength that gives him an advantage of to the highest degree if not all of his competition. He is also described by Homer as having a very nigh(a) relationship with the gods. No one really knows why, but one can only assume. Another record brought up is that he also has very deep seated character flaws that are al charges in use(p) and clouding his judgment so he may out with nobility, integrity, and common sense which makes him intellectually and moral ly cursed in a sense.A great example of his irrational decision making is when says to booby hatch with this was and decides to abandon his comrades and puts victory in jeopardy all because he had felt the upmost disrespect coming from his commander Agamemnon. Achilles is a man of noble principles all throughout the poem. His argument with Agamemnon is a testament to that. Hepretty much turns into a spoiled brat because he cant get his way and he doesnt like what is existence said to him. He is also very self-centered and egotistical. He wants to be the center of attention and be a part of the history books and with the pride he has and the disposal to follow that big ego of his is preordained. He eventually has to choose between fame and what comes along with it or being at a relaxed chill like comfort lever. He decides to go with the fame.Already considered by most to be blood thirsty, prideful, and full of wrath. It really starts to show once Patroclus is murdered in battles a fter the Trojans sentiment that it was Achilles that they were killing. Adhering to Patroclus pre death advice of patching up things with his commander he does so but in turns focuses all his curse and anger towards Hector. You would think he was keep calm and so things a little different after his friends death but he learned nothing and seems like his friend died in vain in a sense. Achilles leads his men on what can be considered a suicide mission of sorts to kill Hector. at one time thats done he desecrates Hectors automobile trunk and slays 12 Trojans warriors and Petroclus funeral.These actions are the epitome of what Achilles stands for and represents. infra his blood thirsty and angry exterior, he has a break when King Priam pleads and begs for his sons eubstance back and by doing so something triggers in Achilles brain about his dad so he decides to bring forth Hectors body back to his father. Afterwards hes back to normal in the proverbial sense and he has no idea t hat his prideful and egotistical ways will be the downfall and death of him. When he was dipped in the river Styx as infant, one vital part of his body was left venerable, his heels. After the Iliad concludes he was later shot in the heel by an arrow be to the brother of Hector, Paris.Even though Achilles doesnt show growth throughout the epic, he is the epitome of a Homeric character because he lacks control, character, depth, and has a huge lust like appetite for fame.Works Cited outline of Achilles Personality Growth in Homers the Iliad 03 2007. 03 2007 . Character of Achilles in Homers Iliad. 18 Jul 2013 .

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Out of This Furnace

Out of this Furnace, by Thomas Bell, tells the story of a multigenerational family of Slovakian immigrants. This family of quin generations came to the Statesn in the late nineteenth century in search of a better life. angiotensin converting enzyme of the first to arrive, Djuro Kracha, arrived in the New World in the middle of the 1880s. The impertinent starts off telling of his voyage from the old country and the labor he performed to accumulate enough money for his walk to Pennsylvania. He ventured on his journey to Pennsylvania in the search for a job in the poise mills.The story withal tells of his rejection by the mainstream community as a hunkey, and the lives of his daughter and grandson. Soon enough though, the family becomes somewhat acculturate and regular Americanized, and they soon become to resent the treatments they suffer. Their slow rise to business ownership was quickly ended by a series of hithertots a summer of Djuros drinking habit, Djuros return to his l end in the steel mills, Marys marriage to a worker in the mills, and Djuros grandsons disagreements with foul labor prices.These events eventu eachy intertwine with Americas transformation of the 1880s to the 1940s. During the 1880s to the 1940s, a roll of Eastern European immigrants grew in America, triggered by growing industries and advancing technology. This soon led to the establishment of steel mills, other factories, and plants which reshaped the American labor force. The experiences of Djuro and Mike, Marys husband, reflect a level of hostility towards Europeans from mainstream Americans and earlier. With surface a doubt, the Krachas were negatively affected by stereotypes and attributions.However, the men and women who desired citizenship in the New World, Bell suggested tho desired it to improve their lives and the futures of their families. Bell does not portray any immigrants who fail to accept the necessity of strenuous work. Therefore, Djuros minor episode of drunk enness shouldnt take away from the years of efficient and efficient work he completed to achieve his American dream. Another point Bell seemed to make dispatch was that Mikes idealism was a consequence of his own desire to participant in that dream.The novel is set at a time when most people believed that the diverse ethnic groups entering the linked States actually had a damaging effect on culture. Dobie Dobrejcak wanted to improve running(a) conditions, treatments, economic prospects, and the lives of working men. His beliefs of possible social transformation actually confirmed the American Dream and the willingness of people to chase their dreams, even against great odds. The majority of immigrant groups that traveled to America went in search of freedom and economic opportunity.These immigrants, in all actuality, made huge contributions to the growth of the country. Westward expansion was made possible for workers, even today immigrants work jobs that might have otherwise g one begging. Thomas Bell even argues that the Jews, Catholics, the Irish and the Slavs were the ones that made Americas achievements and progresses possible. Bell uses Mike and Marys lives to reference the Americans want and demand for immigrants during expansion, and to express how out of favor immigrants were during Americas recessions.As the 1920s came around, recession and depression made immigrant workers unpopular and unnecessary. This novel tremendously expresses the lives of immigrants like the Krachas and Dobrejcaks and explains their want to achieve parity and equality. In the book, however, the term American did not change. The thing that truly changed was the determination to work against forces trying to prevent the family from entering the mainstream society. To truly understand the American Experience an immigrant had to realize that it was not a classical experience.It is known that early colonists and new immigrants coming to the fall in States had the same dreams and values. To them, the New World represented land opportunity, freedom of religion, the ability to overcome an aristocratic grey-headed World, and the freedom to develop ones own wishes. The topic of immigration in America has constantly sparked massive controversy. Some people believed anyone had the right to move from country to country as they pleased. Others thought the immigrant universe of discourse actually benefitted the country by facilitating economic growth, development, and prosperity.The Americans against immigration mainly focused on the differences of new ethnic groups. Mostly though, the Native American party argued that the country was about to find a threat referable to the massive increase in the body of residents of inappropriate birth, imbued with foreign feelings, and of ignorant and immoral character who receive the elective franchise and the right of eligibility to political offices. Others thought that new immigrants hurt American society be pay b ack of their neediness of education, their impoverishment, lose of skill and their Catholic and Jewish religions.Early opposition to specific immigrants was focused on any groups perceived as inferior to the Anglo-Saxon stock. Disagreements on immigration focused mainly on the immigrants lack of adaptability based on different ethnic groups. The views of non-immigrants were that foreigners lower the intelligence, efficiency, and orderliness plane, they increased alcoholism, crime, and immorality, the barriers of speech, education, and religious faith cause divisions, and that immigrants add to the number of poor people, tend to be illiterate, and cause overpopulation.Early settlers of the United States were a mixture of whites, Anglo- Saxons, and immigrants. either ethnic group that has come into the United States has helped shape the American dream and shared that experience, rather jubilantly or not. A major shaping of our economic system resulted from the influence of immigrat ion that helped bring outstanding changes in our population census. The United States of America can mean a variety of different things to some(prenominal) different people.The core of the American dream is without a doubt, freedom and equality. However, this nation was founded on republican principles of judge for all, friendship with all nations, and alliances with none. Since then, these principles have undergone several changes. For example, today the United States has many alliances that influence its domestic and foreign policies. Nevertheless, justice for all remains intact and continuously attracts new immigrants each year, while trying to qualify what really constitutes justice and equality.

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A Students Guide to Economics Written by Paul Heyne Essay

?Monograph reassessment A Students Guide to Economics Written by Paul Heyne When you first judgement about Economics, what did you bet of? To me it was pretty much the study of silver, as bare(a) as that. I thought it would be elicit to ask a few flock what their thoughts were and I heard more different definitions from as simple as Money from a family member to To me it is the state of well being money, housing, unemployment, industry etc. told to me by a coworker.The true definition of Economics is the study of how individuals transform natural resources into final examination products and services that commonwealth use. This definition is quite a bit different than what I thought it would be, so I was genuinely interested to read the monograph A Students Guide to Economics, Paul Heyne and hopefully learn how this definition came to be. As I was reading the record book I found that the changes came and were documented by numerous an(prenominal) different economists a nd were explained in many of the publications that those economists had written.In the monograph A Students Guide to Economics, Paul Heyne describes the history of sparings and how this definition evolved to what it is today. The book starts out with the uncovering of the Economics. In 1776, Adam Smith was the first person to question economic fruit with a book titled Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. Adam Smith summed up economics as the tawdriness of the nations annual production will depend primarily on the skill, dexterity, and judgment with which people apply their labor to the natural resources avail qualified to them.I take this as, in a adept economic society, people will use the natural resources personal talents wisely. Smith also states that everyone is a merchant, by this I think he means that with every transaction, you are making a trade. For guinea pig, if a shoe churchman sells a pair of shoes, the money that is paid for them is non really the trade, the leather that he buy with the money so he can make more shoes is the trade for the shoes he sold. The planetary Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money written by John Maynard Keynes was published in 1936.This book stopped many economists from focusing on the trade cycle and started them focusing on government spending to make up the deficiency in private spending that had caused and prolonged the slump during World War II. From what I get word about this publication, Keynes was one of the first people to hold the government accountable for certain economic problems. For example after World War II certain people wanted the government to be accountable for bringing the unemployment rate up to 100% when the employment rate was extremely low at that time.Macroeconomics was brought up for the first time in 1948 in the publication Economic an Introductory Analysis written by Paul Samuelson. A Students Guide to Economics states that Microeconomics or the modern theory of income determination as Samuelson called it, uses variables including fall expenditures on personal consumption, total business investment, and total government purchases of goods and services. Microeconomics is not considered one of the two move of economics, the other being Microeconomics.People have two possible responses when they start feeling that the organization has changed in a negative way (decrease in quality or benefit to the member), they can exit (leave the organization), or they can voice (try to improve the issue by communicating with the organization). This theory was written about in Exit, Voice, and Loyalty written by Albert O. Hirchman. An example of an exit response would be vent into a grocery store stare and finding out that they do not carry the type of salsa that you like anymore, when you find this out, you finalise to switch grocery stores and go to the one that has your salsa.An example of a voice response would be going to a salon to get y our hair colored, you go home and realize the color is not what you asked for, alternatively of leaving the salon and finding another one, you call and voice your frustration, you end up going covering and they fix your hair for free. Written in 1957, The Economics of Under-Developed Countries by Peter Bauer and Basil Yamey looked into the theory of growth economics. At that time people had the notion that if there is an under-developed country, another country can go in and help it with a quick fix.Economists believed that with a small amount of funds and a good economic model an under-developed country would have major economic growth. With this growth they assumed that the country would not cause their country any issues. Bauer and Yamey were not buying into this theory. They wrote in their book that to help an under-developed country many other things would determine the countries outcome like the citizens attitude and knowledge. Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit written by postm ark Knight in 1921 explains how a market-coordinated economy handles the problem of coordinating activity in the presence of doubtfulness.virtuoso of the things that stands out most about inconsiderate Knight was that he distinguished between two types of change, luck and uncertainty, defining risk as randomness with knowable probabilities and uncertainty as randomness with unknowable probabilities. Frank Knight stated that risk arises from repeated changes for which probabilities can be calculated and insured against but uncertainty arises from unpredictable changes in an economy changes that cannot be insured against.Uncertainty, he said is one of the fundamental facts of life. (Review by Gail Owens Hoelscher). Fire would be an example of a risk, you know what will happen if a fire occurs. A customers preference would be an example of an uncertainty. Deirdre McCloskey wrote that there was no such thing as a scientific method for economics in The Rhetoric of Economics written in 1985, scientists except argue what they believe is true.McCloskey states that economics needs to get back to the science of facts or responsible cajolery and get away from the things that economists are trying to persuade people is true. A businessman may know what his costs will be to produce a product and may be very alert of what the demand will be for that product but he may not be able to predict the competition he has from companies producing a similar product. Economics is the study of how individuals transform natural resources into final products and services that people use.A Students Guide to Economics has helped me understand why the definition Money doesnt quite cut it. There are so many aspects that I never even thought of when it comes to economics like planning for risk and uncertainty and understanding exit and voice responses. Economics has evolved tremendously from the time it was first brought to peoples attention in Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations to the current writings of Deirdre McCloskey. flavour into the future, I predict we havent seen the last changes.